Time for Action

In line with this month's assignment, I want to share something with you that I hope will inspire you to slow down a bit and consider where are we all heading to in our rush for money, money and more money.

We, as the dominant species that runs the planetary show seem to have totally lost touch with the reality. What are we leaving behind for our children and grandchildren?

Three months ago, I started reading a book that got me really worried. The title is Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization by Lester R. Brow, the President of the Earth Policy Institute. Mr. Brown is an accomplished scientist and author that does not need an introduction. Just ask your “friend“ Google about him and you will have more information than you can handle.

I strongly urge you to read the book.

You can print it for free from: here

If that sounds a bit too much for your hectic life, take just a few minutes to look at the slide show that summarizes the book. Too bad that the pictures are from another agency, but that is really unimportant. Here is the slide show.

If you are a teacher, use the slide show to teach your children what’s waiting for them, maybe they will succeed in mobilizing their parents to spring into action. Send the link to the politicians that represent you and are responsible for the decisions that will affect us in the decades to come.

It is still not too late, but we seem to be much too close to the point of no return.

Feel free to comment on what is your contribution in this race against time.

Photo credits: Fotogeek.

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Change is not easy and does not come easily. I drive along 20A in New York state quite often. A couple of years ago, I noticed signs on the lawns, some saying "yes to green power", others saying "no windmills in my back yard" (the quotes are approximate). Now you can see an array of windmills in one place. I am pretty sure the farmers that allowed them to be erected on their lands get now a nice "rent" every month that allows them to keep the farm and their way of life.
It's up to you to make the distinction between the political "Pinocchios" and the real visionaries, alas not too many.
To make that distinction, you need to be informed with information from credible sources.
Thank you for your comment.


If you ask me....going green is mere political rhetoric meant to win votes. When they say go green...they mean do the opposite! How ridiculous is this...I'd love to hear your comments. Thank you for this extremely useful humanistic article. Well designed!


I live in a strong place in the southern part of the U.S. where the revenue derived from timber growth, maintenance, production and sales are considered necessary and vital to my community's growth and basic needs. I need to design a t-shirt that says " Let's go anything but GREEN." Why? Because this whole statement is too narrow for such broad implications. Do you understand that for years man has bettered the land by using the timber. The timber sales have stimulated the economy, as well as provided basic needs products! I say we go anything but GREEN!!!


Frankly speaking I haven't contributed anything from my side after moving to Dubai to make our planet green, back home in India, we friends used to plant lots of trees. I wish I could do the same here in UAE.

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