Time division

For the past few months being 'free' and 'carefree' its a total feeling right now. School has started a month ago and I have been getting used to the school timings.

Definitely school has taken al ot of my time away from photography as compared to the few free months before school began.

Right now its a juggle of time between school, family and photography. Which comes first???

I am sometimes in dilemma or should it be trilemma since its 3 issues all of which are of utmost important right now.

Family - the closest people I can ever have I can't live without.

School - the grades that will determine whether I can move on to the next semester

Photography - my leisure activity which I cannot live without, my hands really get itchy!

Of course school might seems to be the important one but doing too much of it can be sickening. That is why there is something called juggling my time.

Still I sometimes cannot priorities because I am just so restless.

I might not be the busiest person on earth but I sure am someone who is in need of learning how to manage my time!

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August 28, 2007


Family then school. You can just carry your camera about with you everywhere, you never know when something unexpected will pop up and present itself to you? And remember Family shots are stock shots and school shots are stock shots. Get my meaning?

August 27, 2007


Well, indeed more time in need to everyone. But for me the first thing are my family and God, and then the other, photography and ctr. If helps I give you one simple advice - planing, always have to plan the things,good organization.

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