Time - a double edged sword in photography

A time as simple as it can get, is your friend and also your foe.

An intangible factor, an asset or liability?

To me, time is essential in photography not just about getting shots done within a given time but more specifically, working for time.

Time is limited, time is recycled every 24hrs, but every recycling is a totally different scenario.

Capturing the moment, that is time. Freezing a sporting athlete in his motion, that is time.

Some moments just come and go and if we are not quick enough, we lose a great shot say for example during actual daywedding photography.

Yet, sometimes we make time work for us. Time depicts the period of a day. We understand time and we make the most out of it.

Waking up early and knowing sunrise comes only at a certain time. That is time working for us to achieve a scene we want.

Time, enough said, is only as important as we perceive it to be. Mastering techniques is one thing, understanding how the intangible becomes an asset, is an intangible asset learned.

Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.

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