Time for fun – Ken Lee!?!

Today starts the new Music Idol season in Bulgaria, that’s why I remind something really funny from last year :)

There are no words to describe it!

Just watch!

And listen!

And learn the new English … !

Ken Lee song (Without you)

The most sad ballad - by Mariah Carey

Photo credits: Aaron Settipane.

Your post must be written in English



you looks very beautiful!


Ha ha I'm glad I helped :) Ken Leeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Everybody at work loves the Ken Lee clip... Thank you so much for making my office a great place to work...


Yeah, Maigi! I listened all Conny's songs yesterday! That adorable little girl is amazing!


Oh, you brought up Connie... she makes me cry every time I listen to her on BGT and looking Simon Cowell's impressions and expressions changes...
You have definitely listened that one: Connie "I Will Always Love You"
You can find out more about Connie here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Connie_Talbot


Hi Desislave, I listened to her, she is great as well and sure we will see here somewhere special in the future.


This is tooo funny LOL :-)
Have to admire the courage though :-)


Hey Maigi, all languages are so easy to learn when you're 4 :) :) It's always big fun when I hear some old songs that I was singing when I was a child :) Let's sing Italian together! I can teach you a few words: pasta, spagetti, chao ... oohh pizza :) And that's it :):)

Fultonsphoto, look what I found today. That little girl really made me cry. She sings like an angel! CONNIE TALBOT
Did one of these two win? I'm really curious!


Wooohou... tat a vondervul soong....... thanks for a good laugh... it reminded me while I was four. Oh, I loved those songs, I couldn't understand a word, but they sounded so good... today I'm singing in Italian in that way. So, there's actually nothing to laugh about. Hehehe... but I'm still doing it... can't help.


I didnt expect it either, I had goosebumps he was that good, when I first opened the link I thought from the look of him he was going to make me laugh as well, instead it did the opposite. But I did love the funny links though, always good to have a nice laugh.


Fultonsphoto, that guy is amazing! I didn't expect that! Wooww

As for my first link ... tears fall from my eyes from laugh when I'm watching it :)

Susan, I thought you know english better than me :) Can you translate it for me? Tulibi dibu dauchoo :)


I love Idol..may have to start watching yours, too!!!! Will you translate for me?


Wow the first one was great.


hahaha brilliant! laugh each time i watch it!


Me, too! Once I saw the first one, though, I had to follow the links through to the final. What INCREDIBLE talent!


I really enjoyed these links and had a good laugh. Then I came across one link that totally blew me away, really amazing and proves what one can do if they beleive and never stop dreaming. Check the following link out, as I said, amazing watch how the judges opinions change and how the crowd reacts...

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