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Times change, so do the priorities and issues.

Have you noticed how noticeably our climate is changing? Taking a stroll on the mountains that morning I was wondering if we're ever going to realize what we are doing. Is it already too late?

Christmas celebrations are meant to be all about happiness. But happiness and enjoyment at the cost of nature? No! The need of the hour is to change the way we visualize "celebrations". It is no longer about bringing a ton of plastic home decoration stuff and then disposing it off after a few weeks. Nor is it about having your home shine with lights that consume a lot of additional power. Of course you want to enjoy, we all want to, but why not do it in a way that restricts the negatives?

I'm going to attempt to keep some things under control to make it a clean and green Christmas. Here are some points:

-Do you have colored wrappers or decorative stuff from the previous year's events? Use them up!

-Throwing plastic items because they are "trash"? Think again. You could get the creative part of your mind running and make something out of them!

-You could place the lights in places where they are visible from the widest angle possible. I almost halved the lighting last year while maintaining that dazzle.

-You could teach the kids how to make something out of nothing. They have ideas, time and creativity. Get them started!

-Explore the internet and find out what all you can do to make it greener. There are a lot of websites that help you cut on expenses and keep it green and just as happy as ever.

-Spread the word! Get your neighbors to help you make it green and clean.

If there was ever a time to make a change, it is write now!

Let the new year mark a change in the way you live, think and see. Don't forget to capture the priceless moments either.

Happy shooting through a Merry Christmas! :)

(if you want to read more about the topic, here's a good page I found: Green Christmas)

Photo credits: Pratik Panda.

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December 19, 2012


Thank you! I'm glad you did like it. :)
Merry Christmas everyone!

December 19, 2012


your image with world in a ball is a wonderfull idea! Congratulation !!!   Christmas in Mantova   

December 06, 2012


Great post!Thanks!Merry Green Christmas!

December 04, 2012


Enjoyed reading your blog. :)

December 04, 2012


I enjoy your blog, Thanks.

December 03, 2012


Can anyone remember when we used to make outdoor decorations by stringing together popcorn and cranberries to hang on the trees? Looks beautiful, is natural, and helps feed the wildlife during the frozen months. Just one small idea.K-

December 03, 2012


Kind of like why I hate to eat at a fast food restaurant. That pile of paper and containers at the end of the meal.

December 02, 2012


I agree with the previous comment. Just don't let the plastic go around completely useless. Recycling isn't same as reusing. Reusing needs no extra energy or resources. Recycling does.

December 02, 2012


Great idea, but things are not so simple. Don't forget most of those useless plastics are somebody else livelihood, and yes, all those useless junk mail coupons and brochures we get by the cartloads are full of advertisements to sell those useless plastics. But those wasteful brochures use stock images, maybe from DT.

Just kidding, I am not for those excessive plastic beautifications myself.

December 01, 2012


Great blog! A change in peoples mentality and way of acting in the world it would be much appreciated, but I don`t know if all this is not to late. I don`t say that we should not try, all I say is that it`s about more than the will of a few people. It should take the whole population to do something in order to change our home until it`s not to late...

December 01, 2012


Most people reuse the lights. Everything human does is polluting the earth. Even getting around to take pictures. You use gas. You eat out probably and make trash. It is a very hard thing. So we just try to illuminate as much as possible.

December 01, 2012



December 01, 2012


Great post!
Merry Green Christmas!

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