Time management of your work !

I've recently read an article about time management for microstock photographers, i have confronted it with a real situation and discovered these rules work fine (from the experience of other photographers):

60% of your microstock work time should be dedicated to making photos.

15% will be used to edit your photos.

20% for adding relevant keywords and descriptions.

5% use it to choose categories.

This formula works even if you dedicate 10 hours per day for microstock work or 2 hours per month. And don't forget : Time is money

Photo credits: Artaniss8.

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July 29, 2009


Love it, thanks for the break down

October 18, 2008


Hei... that usually doesn't count... uploading time is neglected because u can do something else during that process.. something like editing a picture. I gave a simplified time management formula.. because there are more activities that might be included in stock work (such as.. finding what sells best.. improving your techniques.. exercising your creativity.. etc)

October 18, 2008


very true, i definitely need to have better time management when it comes to uploading my pics. It can take me forever as i get distracted looking through other people's portfolios and blogs!!

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