Time is Money

TIME IS MONEY. That's dramatically true! But one should never run for money. The moment you start to run for them you gonna loose almost all of them.

At the very beginning of my stock era I tried to catch up to leaders of the stock which at that time had between 1,000 and 4,000. So, I thought I should do it the Japanese way: first, quantity at a minimum quality. I end up having hundreds of pictures with zero sales. The only good sellers were the pictures... the pictures I put time IN them. That is I spent time for a good shoot, I spent time doing a good processing, I spent time finding the right keywords.

This "Fry" picture took me a second to shoot it while I was frying some donuts made of vegetable marrows and a few minutes to process, keyword and upload it as I was eating the donuts. Almost an year later: zero sales and I think to delete it from my portfolio.

This picture was shot while my mom was speaking on the bills. I had to run immediately as I took the shot. This time the processing it took me longer and this picture has one sale.

Stock has dramatically changed since I joined it late 2005. I changed myself. I no longer dream(stime) to earn a fortune nor to find myself in Fortune. Still I have one dream(stime): to get rid of the bills stress and

Photo credits: Ilie Cristian Ionescu.


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September 01, 2007


Well spoken, so quality it's priority.

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