Time for a new basic lense on my trip to Japan....

Well, after years of using my 18-55 mm kit lens for my Canon 400D I have decided I need something new (upgrade)and with a trip to Kyoto next week I think there is an opportunity for a new lens and some new photos on DT. My question is: Is a Canon 18-135 mm lens a good general purpose lens? My main purpose is for family and traveling. Any comments and suggestions welcome. (If you can recommend somewhere in Kyoto/Osaka to get one , even better)

Photo credits: Helen Vonallmen.

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February 04, 2012


When you go to Kyoto please visit Nara, too. It's nearby and very beautiful, too.

February 03, 2012


The below may be some good recommendations, with valid arguments on the applications in terms of added VR capabilities, focal range so on. I have not been to Japan, Kyoto's climate and weather this time the year around so i guess if the condition is mild it should be okay, focus on composition and having fun taking some landscape sceneery or family shots, saving the rest for possible submission here at DT. Otherwise if the temperature may be lower probably some pro bodies or lenses may be advisable? Just my 2 cents.

February 03, 2012


Hello Dale, i notice you are from Denmark. Have a fun trip to Japan! The best place to purchase Canon Lenses in Japan would be Yodabashi Electronics Superstore. But dont expect to get a bargain in Japan, its very expensive to buy electronics in Japan. In america, B and H .com has no tax and free shipping and the best prices on camera equipment. I am a Canon user and have many lenses, I would also recommend the 24-105mmL for all around use. But the 18-135mm kit lens is around $400, thats $1000 cheaper than the 24-105 L lens.

February 03, 2012


Since you are using a crop format camera ( not a full frame) then the new 18-135
should do the job, it has VR and for 18mm x your crop format 1.6 = 28.8mm wide. when it come to Zoom the 135mm x 1.6 = 216mm. This should cover most of your family shots and for the Landscape shots, the wide angle might not give you those dramatic shots.

February 03, 2012


I strongly reccomend Canon 24-105 for all around lens.

February 03, 2012


........and as am added note my current lens doesn't have image stabilising so that is at least something I want/need.

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