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I signed up for Dreamstime in 2007 and have since been determined to make stock photography a substantial part of my income. Since joining, however, things have not gone according to plan. I quit a full time job with good income and great benefits to pursue photography as a full time income. Now, of course I'm not referring to stock photography here. I have built my business on weddings, portraits, and commercial work and have had great success so far in my short career. I have some great commercial contracts, shoot 25 or so weddings a year, and have numerous other photo sessions throughout the year. Things have been great! But all of this work has postponed my desire to shoot more stock and contribute more here at Dreamstime. A positive and a negative at the same time.

Long story short, I have always seen the potential in stock photography and microstock specifically. And now, I'm finally demanding that it becomes part of my regular workflow! Super excited about my recent contributions and the results I'm seeing already!

Since the beginning of the year I've taken my portfolio from less than 600 images to over 2100! I'm absolutely determined to continue to increase my portfolio at a substantial rate. I have thousands upon thousands of images that I still need to process and upload asap.

So, here's to a new year of ginormous image contributions and more than doubling my portfolio again! I haven't seen the downloads skyrocket yet but they have increased at a fairly furious pace and I know that is only going to continue with regular uploads!

The other exciting thing about all of this is that I've been able to work more on stock without compromising my time or income with the rest of my photography business.

Here's a few images of recent acceptance.

Photo credits: Joshua Rainey.

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December 23, 2013


Thank you all for the kind words! Cheers!

December 22, 2013


Your portfolio is amazing, I have had the same thoughts as you but, I have never decided to give up my job for photography.

December 22, 2013


Congratulations on your determination, you have a beautiful portfolio!

December 21, 2013


Great photos, and great you dared to start a completely new career that is of your interest! Stock photo, is quite hard in my opinion, knowing what to sell and what not to... You must have felt that aswell along your portofolio has grown! But keep it up, you have a great portofolio :)

December 21, 2013


All good! I look forward to seeing your portfolio grow. Continued good luck with sales:)

December 21, 2013


Congratulations and Merry Christmas! Hope your New Year is filled with everything you're hoping for!

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