Time to change your password.

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Many people I know are having their mail accounts like hotmail and gmail as well as facebook accounts being hacked. So I've searched online to see why this is happening. Because the people that I know that are being hacked are very careful people. One of which actually works for Microsoft and ironically his hotmail got hacked. Apparently is not longer about just being caught by Phishing scam links. Hackers are using sophisticated software to hack into your accounts. Apparently even with websites security measures like that present a CAPTHCA (the image with wavy letters and numbers that are supposed allow only a human can read these letters) are being hacked in my these new age of hackers. So I figure it's a good time to review your passwords. Last thing you want is someone to hack into your Dreamstime account and withdraw your hard earn dollars. Here are a few tips to prevent your Dreamstime and other accounts from being hacked.

1) Run antivirus software, adware, and antispy routinely on your computer. I set it to run at least once a week using it's built in scheduler at a time I wouldn't being using the computer. i.e. 4 am

2) Being weary of logging into your accounts on other peoples computer especially in internet cafes and such. You don't know if the computer is being monitored or the computer is full of spyware. I don't even log in on my mother's computer since I'm sure it's full of spyware. If you must log on, make sure you clear the browsers cache or browse in privacy mode.

3) Watch out for phishing scams in your email which load a website that looks like the real deal but then steals your log in info. i.e. www.ac.com/dreamstime

4) Never send your log in info and password via email. No legit site will ask you for the info they already have on file

5) Use a password that is over 6 characters and has numbers, letters, and symbols and make sure it's not words commonly found in dictionaries. Changing between uppercase and lowercase may be useful also.

eg. DT!sTheGr8st$$$

Anyway, be safe. The internet can be a dangerous place but if you are prudent, it's the great resource of knowledge.


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December 12, 2010


Getting the actual money from DT is not so simple. Remember, it is not a cash machine - even if your account would be compromised here and the money transferred to Paypal or Moneybookers or Payoneer - the hacker needs to get hold of your physical Payoneer card, or hack into your Paypal / MB accounts as well. You might use different usernames there for security. Since this transfer of funds takes some time, you most likely are able to interfere with the transaction - DT sends an automated mail out, when the earnings have been requested; the other parties send automated messages when the funds have been received. If you have not authorized it, then you can immediately contact both parties (by phone!) and stop the fraud. Using different passwords with different service providers is a cheap, but effective, security measure.

December 09, 2010


Well, as long as Wikileaks does not show our passwords...

December 09, 2010


haha, just remember your password... I almost forgot what I change it to.

December 09, 2010


Thanks for the advise, it must be terrible to see the account to zero :(

December 09, 2010


thanks for the advise, it´s true we have to be more careful!

December 09, 2010


Great reminder, many thanks :-)


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