Time to level 5

As time marches forward I find it interesting to see which of my images will become my top sellers. Some you kind of know right away, while others come out of nowhere...

I did a little bit of number crunching to see if it is clear cut right from the start, and if they all seem to grow at the same speed. Naturally, it is not clear cut at all and hard to find trends. The only one that holds across all my best sellers is that I get the first sale in the first month of being online.

Aside from that here are some average number across a bunch of my level 5's:

Time to first sale: within first month

Time to Level 2: under two months

Time to level 3: under three months

Time to level 4: eight months

Time to level 5: sixteen months

One thing that is interesting is that of the level 5s I have that were uploaded in 2008, they were slower to acquire downloads than my 2008 or 2009 images. My longest time to level 5 is 28 months, while the shortest was 7 months.

I guess the moral is to not give up hope on the older images - they still get sales and eventually get to the higher levels...

On another note, when I started stock I had a goal in mind for monthly income. I hit it last October, but it has it's ups and downs month to month. I finally notice that my average monthly income in my stats for the last 13 months is now over that number! Go Dreamstime!

Photo credits: Brad Calkins, Marek Uliasz, Maxexphoto.

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December 05, 2011


Congratulations! I especially like your Future Vision.

August 01, 2011



July 28, 2011



July 28, 2011


[imgl]http://www.17082813[/imgl]Interesting and inspiring.

July 27, 2011


Congratulations, very inspiring stats!
I am very pleased myself at how my pf is doing here as well. And so a big, Go Dreamstime!!!

July 27, 2011


Congratulations. Keep up the great effort.

July 26, 2011


True, it isn't 2008, but I still have a level 5 from 2010. Back in 2008 people were saying the easy days were gone, now people look back at 2008 as the easy days :)

July 26, 2011


Nice job. Try to upload an image with an apple in present (like your's best sell: https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-apple-image7888502 ). You will get a: this is not we are looking for. :) 2011 is not 2008. :) Good luck my friend.

July 26, 2011


Excellent, well done! I think DT's popularity is definitely climbing which is good for all of us :)

July 26, 2011



July 26, 2011


Great, congratulations!!!

July 25, 2011


my goal is 100$/month.But I only get 20$ for this month.

July 25, 2011



July 25, 2011


It is great, congratulatons.

July 25, 2011


Interesting trends ... thanks for sharing

July 25, 2011


Congratulations on your success.

Best wishes

July 25, 2011


Congratulations and thanks for sharing your successes :-)


July 25, 2011


Congratulations for the beautiful pictures you have and for sales, we hope that sooner or later I will achieve your results

July 25, 2011


Great achievement! I agree with you - sometimes there is a surprise and it´s not good to give up on older images! Congratulations!!!

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