Timelapse Photography

Timelapse Photography is really a great way to perceive and catch some objects or landscapes and look to them in a specific time line. I've recently started creating this videos and have just a little experience, so you all are very welcome to add yours proficiency and opinions in order to share this amazing way of creating.

Colorful cloudy sky

It's very well if you have DSLR camera and you are not afraid to expose all shutter limit, but you can also devote your compact camera to this matter as well. I talk about shutter limit because once you've started it can be really hard to stop creating timelapse videos and you'll need lots of single shoots to create them. If you create timelapse video as a standard of 30 fps, that means you have to shoot 30 photos to make one second video. So lets count: 300 photos - 10 seconds video and 900 pics for short half a minute video.

As I understood, the best way of creating short timelapse videos from photos, your camera settings have to be set all manual modes. Day time - let's say you set ISO to the lowest, the aperture something between 8-11, and the shutter speed as it goes. White balance adjusted to the time of day and you are ready to start.

If the time of the day changes and you want to create longer video or simply shoot with longer time gaps, the exposure you've started can be incorrect for some time passed. For example if I've started shooting timelapse before the sun rises and during the process, that means the photos would be overexposed. And if I've started shooting during the sunset, so means that after the sunset my photos would be underexposed. So to prevent too dark or to bright photos you can adjust camera mode to aperture priority if you don't want to change settings during the shooting time. Let's say, ISO to the lowest, aperture something between 8-11 and camera mode to aperture priority. The shutter speed would be set automatically

Timelapse photography is similar to photography I think. The light and the objects are very important. Though in timelapse photography the objects and light are moving, because it's a video as a result. I started shooting clouds as lots of others beginners I believe. I was hypnotized after I made my first video of timelapse photos. I watched it again and again :) If you shoot dense dramatic clouds it's really amazing to watch how it passes and changes, with so many forms like a huge smoke.

Dramatic sunset sky over field

I want to make more timelapse videos, especially of long exposure photos, night shoots. Here I post some videos I Iike seeing on Dreamstime very much.

Northern lights aurora borealis in the night sky over beautiful lake landscape

Stars and moon

Stars and moon 2


Milky Way

Photo credits: Suranga Weeratunga, Darius Strazdas.

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Stunning!Wish someday I can do it too!


cool! :)


Nice work. You inspired me to do more time lapse experimenting.


Interesting, thanks for sharing, good blog.

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