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Goose sculpture in front of a cave


since some monthes we love to make timelapse Videos. In a short time, we will buy the professional Version of the Timelapse Tool and so we want to create also HD timelapse Videos. Of course, there are free Tools, but we are not very satisfied with the results of the free Tools. We also offer in a short time timelapse Videos on my Webpage (www.martina-ledermann.de). But of course, is dreamstime a better place to offer Videos and photos to the potential customers.

It makes a lot of fun, to go into the park or on another place and to make timelapse Videos. We are sitting on a park bench, watching the camera and the interval of the camera is doing the work for us. The only bad point is, that after approx. 100.000 shots the camera is not working anymore. So I can understand, that some of the photographers do not want to make timelapse Videos.

Here in Germany, the timelapse Videos are now very popular. Every day in TV you can timelapse Videos during the News. First I uploaded today a very small video 480p, I do not know, if dreamstime will accept it and if it is worth to offer here on dreamstime, but we will see. In some days I will know more.

But I do not know, how I can see the codecs of the video. Does someone of you know this? If I take a look into the Details of the Videos there are no informations about the codecs. Dreamstime wants to have mov with mjpeg or photojpeg, max. 30 sec Duration up to 90 percent Quality. We will see, I hope they will accept it.

On other platforms, where I can sell timelapse Videos I even needed to upload my German passport and I have to wait seven days until they have controled it. The timelapse video production is a new field for us. It makes fun, but we also hope to sell some timelapse Videos. It is sad, not to be successful with the Things we do.

It is already six years ago, that I have written my dreamstime blog. In this time I made glass engravings, but it was hard for my nervs, one bad move and the glass engraving and the item are destroyed. So I stopped to offer glass engravings.

Have a nice day!


Photo credits: Martina Ledermann.

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