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How many times in the past we went on holiday and we saw the good situation to make a photo. Photo is made… you are happy about the results and go home with a smile. Some years ago you would be very disappointed about that you can not upload the image to microstock because of the unreleased people and trademarks. Since a while it is possible to upload also this images.

For me this is one of the great options on Dreamstime. I can go out and shoot good images without to worry about the logos and people. This was in the past only possible on traditional stock. Still of course you have to make sure that the image has sale potential.

I started uploading “timeless” editorial images about 1 year ago. With timeless I mean editorial images that are not news related. An image that can be used in articles like obese people or city traffic. Clients can make an article for example of Polish products. For that they would like to have an image that shows that the product is from Poland. An image of yoghurt showing the Polish brand is perfect. Other good editorial images are pregnant woman reading a famous baby care magazine or people doing shopping in a well know supermarket and so on.

It is good to see that this images are sold very well in my case. About 50 percent of my sales are editorial despite 70% of my portfolio is commercial. It shows that there is a need for this kind of images. For example one of my recent sale was a photo of show model bicycles at a shopping mall. The buyer searched for “Polish bicycles”. He needed specific a editorial image because of showing the Polish logo on the bicycles. If I would have only commercial images of bikes then I would miss a sale. Another sale was a photo of energy drinks in a supermarket. I found the article that was about overuse of that kind of drinks. Again I would miss a sale. Magazine creates an article about traveling, here fits a image that shows stacked travel guides from different countries. So that’s why I say that editorial also needs some respect. There are lots of editorial clients out there that needs photos.

Make a shooting plan. Try to think what articles could be made and which images they might need. For example go to a shopping mall and shoot some shopping people in famous stores. Take a photo of people taking money from the cash machines.

I hope I gave you some inspiration and wish you good luck!

Photo credits: Mirco Vacca.

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January 18, 2014


Thank you Susan,

You also have a nice collection of images. I agree totally with you about having the reason to be fully out.

Enjoy your photography!!!!

January 17, 2014


mirco, very nice portfolio. I love editorial too and I think my portfolio is at least half! I think the best thing about editorial is the fact that you get out of the house. I could be inside the studio all day shooting on a back drop, but editorial gives you a reason to go to the outdoor festivals, take a hike around your city, or hop on a train to explore. have fun!

January 16, 2014


Hello Bubbity,

Every commercial image can be also used editorial. Editorial images only editorial. So when you can send an image commercial way just send it like that. Only when you have logos or unreleased people put it as editorial.

January 16, 2014


I am new to all this. So when I'm uploading a photo of eg a place is it best to go for editorial? Can I classify it as both editorial and commercial or does it have to be either or? Many thanks for the interesting article.

January 16, 2014


Very interesting, thanks for the tips.

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