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Hi guys!

My latest blog post features a REVOLUTIONAIRY search engine called TinEye. It's the Google of images!

Remember the old way of trying to find your sold images? Typing your name in Google and hoping clients gave you credit? No more!

Just link you DT images into Tineye and see the magic! I found 100s of my images!

Check out my blog post HERE which includes a video walkthrough.


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May 21, 2008


The downside of finding ALL the uses of an image, is displayed in the forums today. A lot of time can be wasted by photographers and administrators tracking down uses that turn out to be legal. As it turned out in this issue, the designer inadvertently posted the image with the watermark. He had purchased the image.

May 20, 2008


How to create an account of TinEye?
what is the key code?

May 20, 2008


i was on the waiting list about 30 minutes and they said i was in. very neat thing. i have located one of my images but i think it had been blocked somehow. every link lead to a black box where it had been. i really think it is cool

May 20, 2008


I checked out the site. Verry cool! I tried to sign up, but there is a waiting list. I guess it really is a great search engine, if there is a waiting list to use it.

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Photo credits: Yanik Chauvin.