Tip for shooting night images

A photographer on another site recommended this method for shooting lit buildings at night.

Meter the interior lights of the building ahead of time. Go back around twilight and wait for that beautiful blue sky. Meter the sky. When the light reading for the sky=reading of the interior, take your shot. (On a tripod of course :-) )

I'm going to try that the next time I shoot buildings in the evening. Meanwhile, I will share my two latest uploads.

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Photo credits: Cjh Photography Llc.

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Very nice. I frequently face a problems in night time. Your tips are really helpful for me. white kitchen cabinets


Hey there! I wrote a blog on this topic aswell. You can find it here:



Great info, thanks for sharing...


Let me know how it works for you. I am hoping to do some night shots over the Thanksgiving holiday if everything falls into place.


Thanks! Im going to try!


Thank you B Critchley and Mangalika. I saw love that star effect! I also work only in RAW, but haven't made the jump all the way to manual yet. I usually use AV priority.


Great tip :)
Also f10/ f11 will give those star filter effect if the light sources are visible! That would be an extra zing to your twilight pic :)


Have to admit I only shoot in manual and RAW now and work out my exposure times myself, normally taking a few variations of the shot. not overly complicated.


Thanks for your comments everyone. This technique is used to photograph when the exposure needed is the same for both the light in the building and the sky outside, so it's purpose is a little bit different than bracketing, which will help you be sure to grab the best overall exposure. Hope that makes sense.


Just bracket widely that's far easier using tripod and small aperture .......... check the RAW images to see which is best. The camera exposure meter isn't generally far wrong. David


Wow, what a great tip! I suspect this would be most useful to someone that doesn't have bracketing capabilities on their camera. Even so, how great would it be to click the shutter release once and get a great night architecture shot!! Thanks for writing.


You are really very serious about photography. That is a lot of work. You know, I have not done any manual metering yet.


useful information...i will testi this out :)


Very useful

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