A tip to help say goodbye to bygone bibelots!

When it's time to clean out vintage clutter, take a picture, then say bon voyage!

Some things sit in storage for years, and seem so precious when we take them out to relive the memories once in a blue moon.

I regret getting rid of some things that I held on to for so many years... I wish I had my camera then!

Photo credits: Loveliestdreams.

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December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas Leda and Rob!!!
Last night I did a people photo shoot, it was soooooo much fun!!!

I just pulled out tons and tons of old things, and I feel overloaded. I love to keep a spotless house. Now, I'm leaving a pile of junk near my photo studio, the old me would throw it away in a heart beat, the new me, is letting it sit there waiting to be photographed and then sold or donated to charity...

I hope you're having lots of fun and creating lots and lots of art!!!!!

December 24, 2007


Also I dislikes throwing the old memories away ... actually, I do not do it, for many things a beautiful photography would not be enough! Merry Christmas and happy 2008

December 24, 2007


Hi Shockie! I'm agree with you. Sometimes we can rediscover something forgotten and see it with new eyes. Maybe it's the passage of time, maybe it's nostalgia, but it's sublime. It's the life. I love it!

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