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Ever since I started with drawing my first picture, Like most of us, I have been inspired by things around me and photographer/artists around the world whose work I had the chance to come across. The deepest inspiration however has been nature and its beautiful abundance of variety. From dense forests to rolling hills, from deserts to beautiful beaches, from snowy Himalayan peaks that lie barren since forever to sprawling colonies of penguins on the arctic ice. Nature has always inspired me and so have photographers that work so hard to get that beautiful shot that you cannot get tired of staring at.

Cute Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes, fall forest. Beautiful animal in the nature habitat. Orange fox, detail portrait, Czech. Wildlife sce

Inspiring photography sources:

Photos are like frozen moments in time, the moment that has gone by but captured by light, printed on paper or saved as data. While the media sounds technical, the art is almost immortal and reminds you as to what the moment at that place was. Some times it’s a lucky shot, but most of the time its a planned conspiracy on part of the photographer who has cleverly got the best of the moments and the places. Careful planning for light and time along with composition can create some real masterpieces irrespective of what the subject is.

Since the 90s, I’ve really wondered where all these wonderful wallpapers come from, then the new found multimedia madness had spawned a lot of sites and helped people discover photos across the world with a click. It was a wonderful world of multimedia based computers and internet. CDs full of photos, webshots and tonnes of different collage as well as portfolios were accessible. This really inspired me and made me wonder how I can create something unique myself.

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I do not really have favourite photographers but the work I come across, especially 3d art, nature photography, especially garden photography, wildlife, nature reserves and the kind. I found 3d art quite incredible in the way you could build your own little world and render. Earlier the task was handled by 3d plugins but now we have nature scene creators and terrain editors all in one. I really loved the work weta digital did with lord of the rings. How they made the graphics, how they merged the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand with a compelling script to create a series of movies that were as good as paintings. As late as 2009, I was really amazed as how regency and 20th century created a beautiful “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. It was just like animated painting art. There have been many works of art like these that keep inspiring.

Inspiring Stock photographers and artists:

There are a few stock photographers who are really good at what they do. Some create incredible art and some create really targeted concepts. Some do both with quite a high level of precision, they really inspire. They also reinforce the point that stock photography can both be conceptual and artistic. You can find most of these artists in our editor’s choice area. Artists like Skypixel, Grandfailure and others are quite successful in blending concepts with art. Also, when the concepts fits well and the art is compelling, it makes sure the piece gets some good sales.

Girl sitting on giant futuristic bird

So what inspires you? Is it a photographer, an artist or another source of inspiration that gets you to pick your camera and get going.

Photo credits: Grandfailure, Ondřej Prosický, Skypixel.

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March 27, 2019


Creating a beautiful photo is an art. You need to have a third eye to see and capture the beautiful in the ordinary....

March 25, 2019


When i go out thinking take some pics mostly i get lost to the nature by watching the small unnoticed movements. Many time it happened to watch ants going in a queue and talking( no idea whether they really talk or not!! Lol!!)each other. Not only me every one who observe closely the natural happening around themselves will get inspired from those tiny movements. And the photographers makes the movement to a still and allow the people to utilize their imagination spread above the horizon..

March 22, 2019


I get inspiration whenever I get out and about with a camera in my hand...

March 22, 2019


@Williamwise1: Thank you! And what a great way to appreciate life as we know it! Thanks for sharing.

March 22, 2019


Wonderful writing! The inspiration for my animal shelter photography is to get these dogs and cats re-homed into new homes and rescues as quickly as possibly. Their lives are on the line and perhaps I get can them out quickly and safely. The inspiration for my wildlife photography is just to document this amazing creation and glorify its Creator! William

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