Tip of the week: Never forget to straighten your images

Any photo will instantly seem more professional if it has a good perspective. One aspect of this is having straight lines that look harmonious and guide the eye of the viewer into the points of interest in the image. Image where the horizon or architectural lines are skewed look hastily taken and can make the viewer feel like the walls are coming down on them. But not to worry, these tips will help you avoid those vertigo-inducing shots forever!

Amazing night dubai downtown skyline, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

1. Learn to keep your camera straight

Sounds obvious, but tilted camera makes tilted images. No matter if you use a mobile phone or an actual camera to take that shot, keep it straight. Unless you are going for extreme angles on purpose, hold your camera straight on all axes.

2. Use grid lines to your advantage

Your camera application or viewfinder probably has grid lines that are meant to help with your composition. If you don't see them, you can turn them on in your settings. While taking the photo, align the horizontal grid lines and the vertical grid lines either parallel or perpendicular to the horizon or with any leading lines in your view.

3. Check your virtual horizon

Some cameras have a virtual horizon that can help you setting your camera straight. In my camera I have set the virtual horizon to appear in the viewfinder when I push the function button so I can check it without taking my eye off the target. Check your camera settings for this option.

4. Fix it in post-processing

Sometimes you just can't help your photo being tilted. Not a problem, you can easily straighten your photo in post-processing. All photo processing software have a tool for straightening photos, more advanced ones like Lightroom can even do this automatically. Just remember to crop the empty parts out from the frame after the straightening.


Photo credits: Marekkijevsky, Steve Mann.

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July 28, 2018


Thanks for the comments everyone, I see a lot of you have nice landscapes with nice horizontal horizons in them. Keep up the good work!

July 27, 2018


Great article - one of my pet peeves - nothing worse than seeing would is otherwise an excellent image but the horizon is terrible (the Instagram world is famous for this!)...

July 24, 2018


It seems to be a given, but this is great to always keep in mind. Most critiques of my photos are an unlevel horizon. Whoops! How did I miss that?!?

July 17, 2018


Great blog!

July 16, 2018


Great ideas!

July 16, 2018


great blog. useful. thanks for sharing.

July 14, 2018


Thanks for sharing these useful advices.

July 11, 2018


Totally agree. A Straight photo is more likely to be considered for purchase unlike a skewed one which can easily be ignored. Great post!

July 11, 2018


Nice ideas, thanks for sharing.

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