Tip of the week: Organise your desk like a pro

There are so many things that creep up on your desk sooner or later, especially if you spend a lot of hours working on your computer(s). Yes you read it right, it may be not just one but 2 computers that you may be working with. If you are like me, you may have a windows machine sharing the same desk as a mac without extra input devices, and how? There are certain things you can do to make life a lot easier and your desk clutter free. I am sure you will find it useful and a lot more pleasing to do so, so let us begin with the list:

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1. Monitor Mounts: If you want a clear desk, a hydraulic mount goes without saying. Sure there are budget mounts without hydraulics but I personally never liked them, they may suit you though in case you want to mount more than 2 monitors as hydraulic mounts loose most of their advantages beyond 2 monitors. Using a hydraulic mount for one monitor and one tablet or just for your tablet is also a great idea. Besides keeping the desk clear, organising cables and the easy articulation, they can help you get the perfect drawing angle for sitting and standing work positions. So do give it a look. I personally like the ability to make the tablet reach out to arms length in a slanting fashion, just like a drawing desk of the old world. There are models with one stump and 2 arms for a cleaner look.

2. All in ones: If you have plans to replace your computer and your work does not demand a heavy CPU, don’t shy from considering an AIO or "all in one computer". An imac or one of those Dell/HP all in ones are great to avoid clutter on your desk. Keeping a simple desktop with separate case does not make much sense today anyway. However if you want to keep a heavy graphics card, lots of disks and love expandability, you can sure go with a desktop or a high end AIO. With a desktop though, you would have to use some more organising tools like cable lines , etc., to make it look clean.

3. Monitors: Pick a monitor which has built in speakers and a camera, so you don’t have to attach 2-3 different devices, which again creates clutter. Also, a monitor with USB pass through or hub and audio out is a good option in case it does not have good speakers. You can attach a USB powered sound bar and it should avoid any extra cables running back and forth the CPU. If the bar can be monitor mounted, even better!

4. Using more than 1 computer on a single desk: Now this is what I do, so when my husband installed this desk with a windows and imac, I asked him how would I manage 2 different systems? So I asked him to remove the windows machine. I also did not want to put 2 keyboards and 2 mice on my desk. But he installed a logitech mouse and keyboard set with a “flow” system. I can now move my mouse from mac to windows and windows to mac just like extended monitors and the keyboard would follow. This is done using logitech flow software, on computers that are connected to the same network. So you can have a clean desk while still having access to your favourite tools on both platforms.

5. Using mounts for CPU: You can use under desk mounts for CPUS to save on desk space. I am using a simple metal mount that is screwed to the side of the desk and rises above the ground for easy cleaning and preventing dust from getting inside the case. It makes the underside and desk top space much cleaner. Be aware though that desks made of particle board and supermart sourced fragile ones may not be able to hold the weight. They may warp, bend or crack over time. I also never liked the supermart desks because they would anyhow suffer from bent tops, easy scratch surface and flimsy quality. No point throwing out desks every now and then.

6. Wire organisers: There are under desk channels, PVC and ABS plastic wire holders and edge hangers for cables and you can use them to run cables under, behind and even over your desk in some cases. Whatever you do with the signal and electric cabling, always prioritise safety. Use extra MCBs and RCCBs if you have to, and make sure you do not damage any wires while installing them. It can be a serious fire hazard to ignore safety parameters.

7. Cable management box: For those things like those nasty adapters that you wish went away and extra long cables, power strips etc, there is a cable management box you can use. If you search on the web for this exact item you will find its hell of a simple idea to stow those things away. Be careful though and buy a fireproof one. If you want a power strip, get one with good circuit manager.

8. Going wireless: with some things you can get rid of wires completely and I am sure most of us already use wireless mice, keyboards, wifi routers and stuff. You can also consider wireless hard disks, wi-di devices and phone chargers that you keep on your desk.

So these were some of the tips I could think of, although there are a whole lot more things like pop up power connectors, cable managers and what not. Some require drilling and your desk open! So take your pick and wish you a cleaner desk!

Photo credits: Andrey Popov.

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July 19, 2020


Excellent advice, which I extremely need!

July 17, 2020


Fresh idea. nice tips.  i want to try Monitor Mounts like that.

July 10, 2020


Sound advice that I probably won't follow; I'm notoriously untidy and disorganized, and am sort of comfortable with it.

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