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If you're a person who loves to draw and encountered problems with proportions, someone who tries to draw a three dimensional object in two dimensional space, or an expert illustrator who wants to refresh his or her previous study. Then I hope this tutorial could be some help to you.

Let us begin on how perspective drawing works. Perspective drawing are 3d or real life representation of of an object or objects in a 2D surface. It gives a natural view and depths of a certain artwork.

Understanding Perspective Drawing

Please click the diagram for full view, as you can see in Sample Image 1, a box would only look like a square without perspective representation, and in Sample Image 2, the non-perspective windows of a building looks very unproportional and unnatural.

The Vanishing Point

Please click the diagram for full view.

To correct Sample Image 2a, lets take a look at the image above, Understanding Perspective Drawing (Creating a Vanishing Point). First start with a blank canvas which we would call a picture plane. Then create a horizontal line which would be at your eye level. The eye level's height is locked at the height of your vision, it is not to be confused with the skyline. Then mark your Center of Vision. Center of vision is where you are located while viewing the picture plane. Finally mark a point on that line which would be your central vanishing point. A vanishing point is where parallel lines meet on the horizon. In using vanishing point in perspective drawing image shows the Sample 2a with corrections.

A good example of a perspective artwork with correct vanishing point is the famous painting of the late Leonardo da Vinci, The Last Supper. As you can see the walls and ceiling as it follows a receding parallel lines. Please click the image for full view.

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan black and white

Another example is these architectural image. Please click the image for full view.

Blueprint 3d house, plan & green bokeh

So far we have been tackling only one point perspective, now we move to two point perspective drawing.

Circular and Two Point Perspective

Please click the diagram for full view

The image above illustrates how two point perspective works. On the same picture plane with your eye level you can plot a left and right vanishing points.

Also in the image above shows how to use vanishing points for ellipses and circles.

Now that you understand perspective drawing using vanishing points, here are some exercises that can help in improving perspective drawing skills.

Perspective Drawing Exercises

Please click the diagram for full view.

In exercise Drawing Cubes, create three cubes in a picture plane with one vanishing point.

Exercise Drawing a House Interior shows an interior of a house with a door and windows.

Finally in exercise Drawing a 3D Letter, let's have fun with letters. From here you can now use your imagination and creativity, you can create whole words, names, or objects in three dimensional form.

Abstract 3D symbols.

Photo credits: Dl1on, Nilikha, Prakich Treetasayuth, Selestron76.

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January 17, 2020


interesting blog. Thanks for sharing

January 17, 2020


Thank you for the post, it helps to understand how to see any vanishing points in a visually cluttered scene while framing for a photo image. They can be subtle and overlooked and their appeal might be almost sub-conscience to a casual viewer.  

January 14, 2020


Very interesting read. Thanks for posting! William

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