Tip of the Week: Photography and Astronomy


So, you're planning to take photos of the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn etc ... but telephoto lenses don't have that reach for a decent closeup. Getting a 600 mm tele is super expensive, along with a 2X adapter ... somehow not the best option(s) out there. A 600 mm would magnify to 12X whereas a 1000 mm to a 25X.

Have you considered buying a telescope. It has a considerable amount of magnification made exclusively for astronomy ... plus it has got adapters for dslrs.

So if your dslt is a Canon, Nikon etc ... there is the T-Ring adapter that you can attach to your dslr after unmounting the lens attached. Once that T-Ring adapter is attached, the telescope eye piece will be inserted to a cylinder then attached onto the telescope ... and the Dslr can be attached to that cylinder.

Every brand has its own accessories that would enable proper setting. The T-Ring is the mount to start on your Dslr with other complementary adapters available by the specific brand to finish the whole camera telescope merge to start Astrophotography.


Moon closeup with craters from telescope

So what are the advantages of a telescope compared to a telephoto lens.

- Firstly a telescope would have a longer reach. A 1000 mm length combined with a 10 mm eyepiece can render 100 X magnification. Placing a 5 mm eyepiece would result in 200 X magnification ... some telescopes can reach up to 450 X or more while others 150 X ... All in all, way better than a much more expensive telephoto prime or zoom.

- You can start with a comparatively cheap 250$ telescope and eyepiece and get stunning photographs of celestial objects, starting with the moon to other planets. Jupiter would look decent at 200 X while Mars would require more magnification.

- Manual focus shouldn't be a problem, since your object won't just run off.

Hope you do some research to find best option for money and specific use.

Happy exploring :)

Photo credits: Ryan Stevenson, David Hajnal, Ricky Batista.

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July 05, 2019


Great advice! I haven't tried astro-photography yet, but perhaps one day can buy some more gear for it. Just gotta keep selling those stock photos! Thanks for writing! William 

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