Tip of the week: Removing Blemishes using Clone Stamp

Many single step digital effects/presets are found online for easy removal of facial artifacts and/or blemishes.Yet those single step tools may not be the best solution in all scenarios.

Although not a super quick tool, yet it gives a really effective result;

The Adobe Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool

Clone_stamp_work sample

Working through that tool/within the Tools Panel, is easy if one follows those steps:

- Go to the tools panel, usually displayed vertically on the left side- Select Clone Stamp tool

- Adjust brush size to suit the area that you need be removed

- Make sure to lower the hardness level to 0% so to avoid any edginess on the periphery

- Lower the Opacity and Flow, to repeat the brush several times on targeted area; having that at max opacity can result in an over filtered result

- Start using Clone Stamp by selecting areas in which you want the target spot to look like, in terms of color and texture.

1 - Do that by pressing on Alt key with clicking on the area of preference

2 - Start clicking on the target spot, area containing the blemish, several times

3 - Repeat step 1 then 2 several times from several areas to achieve a realistic result instead of a duplicate from one area in your image.

4 - You should see a result by now, once okay with the result do not overdo it.

Hope this helps :)

Photo credits: Ghassan Safi.

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March 17, 2019


This works well for me in Elements and Luminar

February 11, 2019


Yes Lacynthia, a duplicate layer is a great idea. If you want i can write a blog on that :) Thanks

February 10, 2019


Caution, sometimes you need to make a new layer before the Clone Stamp will work. I am not sure about more than that, someone else will need to elucidate. I usually fool around with it until it works....

February 07, 2019


Very true! You can also use clone stamp to remove a dog's leash from pet photography. (But don't tell anyone my trick, lol) Thanks for writing!

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