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Diving Holiday

It's now a few days since I joined Dreamstime and I am very much enjoying the learning curve of stock photography. So far I have had 16 images accepted out of 21, which I am pretty happy with as it is my first attempt, and I am just waiting for them to appear in my profile.

However, I am still slightly baffled at those being accepted and those that have not so I still have a long way to go. One thing that surprised me is that my sunsets and silhouettes are often rejected due to exposure issues. Unfortunately this is what I have often done on purpose to get the effect that i thought looked nice!!! Obviously the criteria is different for stock and they are looking for clearer and brighter images, especially in a topic that is quite saturated with spectacular shots. Here is one of mine that was accepted which I was quite pleased about although it wasn't one of my personal favourites:

Sea Sunset

I seem to be having more luck with singular subjects or objects rather than landscapes but I have always favoured taking photos of sunsets/landscapes/cityscapes etc. I am looking forward to going out soon and trying a few new shots with different criteria in mind. I am so impressed with many of the photographers on here and just hope that I can learn further. It is a real help being able to look through all the other accepted shots on the site and I feel quite inspired...if only I wasn't sitting in an office right now and could just take off with my camera :)

If anyone has any tips for improving - such as how to get the exposure right on a perfect sunset!!?? Or how to improve composition etc it would be much appreciated. Criticism is very much welcome! Also, can you suggest a good editing software or is photoshop the one to aim for?

Photo credits: Charlotte Leaper.
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If at all possible please could you send me a message if you download any of my photographs. It would be great to know where they are used. Thanks!

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March 21, 2008

gimp is free, photoshop isn't, they do more or less the same things. Stock is different, so moody, grainy shots are almost always rejected. Sunsets are two a penny, you need a good lens and good tripod for a look in. Pin sharp shots with color, of subjects and locations that aren't over-subscribed. Horizons straight and off centre subjects, the rules of composition 3rds.. Those are what Ive learned, but it still all depends on the reviewer and his route to work in the morning. Love your otter shot.


March 05, 2008

We can learn many useful tips from Bough's blog,really.Although I am a new here,but I get many there.


January 28, 2008

Hi there, Yes I have read most of your blogs. Great tips thank you!!


January 28, 2008

I hope you will read my past blogs that first appear on the home page and that they will give you helpful tips!