Tips on designing eye-catching marketing materials

When it comes to marketing, there are important factors to consider to stand out to your existing and potential customers.

Desk with notebook computer and wording business content marketing.

Streamline design

Make sure your design is streamlined - have the same font and design on all of your brand's products from website logo to business cards. All online marketing channels should be consistent. They should have the same colour scheme, theme and design. Consistent design helps your customer remember your brand which is an excellent way to strategically market your brand online.

Font matters

Several studies have shown that the top fonts to use for marketing purposes are Helvetica, Century Gothic and Garamond. This is because these fonts are easy to read, simple, modern, and create a professional appearance. Clean, easy-to-read logos and marketing material builds trust with the consumer and brings value to the brand.

Memorable design

With design, in most cases, less is more. Your marketing content should be nice to look at and easy to decipher. Think of the most popular brands today. Nike has made a simple check mark design well known globally as indicative of their business. Apple has made a simple design of an apple with a bite mark out of it internationally recognised as symbolic of their brand. When it comes to modern branding, less is more and strategic design is memorable and lucrative.

Create engagement

Building online content means creating marketing material worth reading and worth considering. Your web content should ideally hook the reader in the first line of the article published. The writing in the article should be clear and concise with purpose. Engagement means knowing how to connect with the reader. This means researching what your potential customers care about and providing content that aligns with their interests. Similarly, when creating a slogan or business ‘mantra’, it is important the dialogue connects with the consumers on a deeper level. What does your business, brand and product want to be remembered by?

Boost clicks

In today’s world, technology is booming and information is accessible within seconds. It is important to grab the attention of the consumer in the quickest manner possible. For example, studies have shown that with email newsletter campaigns, Tuesdays at 10am result in the most clicks. Another study showed that putting emojis in the subject line of marketing newsletter emails resulted in more clicks. More clicks means more online value and engagement. This is why SEO is so important as well. Utilising keywords and back-linking to other websites will drive connection, brand awareness and ultimately revenue.

Use these helpful tips to become more eye-catching online while stimulating more business and brand recognition.

Kaylyn Jeffrey is the Web Content Manager at writing with ♥ from the sunny Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Photo credits: Baramee Thaweesombat.

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Interesting, thanks for sharing.

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