Tips for editorial submissions

There are a few important points to be considered for editorial submissions although they seem to be overlooked most of the times:

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Specific descriptions – increased editorial value

The first thing one should keep in mind when submitting such images is that they are not meant to be generic images as regular RF ones are. I am talking here especially about those images related to events – be they sport, social or high life. Therefore, the text added as description for these type of images is perhaps as important as the image itself. Here are some guidelines on specific descriptions that should be included in your image info upon submission:

Sport related image captions must include: the event name, date, location, player names (especially for portraits with1-3 players as main subject), games stake, winner, 3rd place, league, and also the description of the particular scene photographed.

Social events image captions must include location, time (this refers to the celebrity portraits as well), event date or special mention if this is organized on an annual basis for instance (Oscar awards, auto shows etc).

Travel/story/daily life image should be regarded as “records” or images that can tell something about the particularities of a specific place or time. The caption must thus include information that would complete the record: date and location are again mandatory for these type of images.

! Please make sure to set your camera date/time correctly, as the exif will be automatically read by the server and added next to image description. !

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Two different licenses

Editorial and regular RF license have their own, most of the times separate markets/audience; editorial images can be used only in editorial contexts so you need to keep such context in mind when submitting images that you want to sell within this section. The lack of a model release is not a reason to submit an image as editorial. At the same time, an image with Australia aboriginal people for example won't be submitted as regular for having a bigger sale potential in that section.

Times Square is a good editorial subject (removing the copyrighted material from the image will probably make it unusable), but a few small logos visible in a city skyline won't make it editorial. You might consider uploading such image for the Royalty free section but don't get lazy and make sure you remove all logos.

“Editorial info” - copy/paste it to description

I would like to draw your attention onto the “Editorial info” field from the submission page. This field is meant especially for those images related to and depicting very recent events – photographers should include a link from an online article featuring the event. This way, editors can grasp importance when reviewing these images and decide whether they will be posted for “In the news” section or not.

The text included in that field will not appear on the main page. Once the image is approved, the only thing buyers will see is the image description, so please focus on actually DESCRIBING your images. I saw thousands of images with poor descriptions while including nevertheless large end explicit “editoral info” – this info is useful only for the reviewer's general knowledge.

Photo credits: Avant-g, Davidmartyn, Koscusko, MaxiSports, Mb2006, Maxim Sivyi, Roberto Caucino, Shariff Che\' Lah.

Your article must be written in English



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Our copyright rules do not generally apply in Editorial images. All logos and brands that are visible in the image should stay there. In fact, in Editorial, it is best that you alter the image as little as possible.


To the best of my knowledge showing a logo on an advertising billboard as part of a broader image e.g. a scene on the street, is not necessarily a breach of copyright. It is certainly necessary to seek professional advice for the specific case however there is an allowance for fair dealing for the purposes of reporting news for example and to me this is what a true editorial photograph is: reporting news.


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