Tips for Landscape Photography

overfiltered artistic autumn mist with trees on water`s edge

Hello friends, today I come back with a new article about landscape photography.

Landscape photography has become one of the most popular types of photography among beginners.The main elements that will give birth to a nice photo are symmetry, repetition, contrast, asymmetry, coherence, symbolism and a drop of irony.They are also called the components of a balance.The simplest type of photography but also the most complicated is landscape photography.

Wooden house on the lake in autumn season

Tips for Landscape Photography:

1.DSLR camera and good quality lenses.Most photographers recommend a DSLRbecause you have a wide range of lens butbut I only recommend the quality ones,wide-angle lenses are also recommended because you can capture more elements in the field of viewbut you can use tele lensfor example 70-200 f.4 and 70-300 f.4-5.6 .

Herastrau lake landscape

2.The tripod.The tripod is the most important and most valuable photographic accessory.I recommend quality tripods because as they will protect your equipment in different situations:violent wind,blizzard,the waves of waterthe waves of water when shooting a sunset or a sunrisefrom sea or oceanor when we take pictures of waterfallsand we have to take pictures on the water riverwith long exposures.Before purchasing, check the maximum weight and construction.I recommend tripods with the ball head.

Vibrant winding road through the woods

3.Photo filters.Great attention to what filters you buy because poor quality will affect the lens.Photo filters are most useful for landscaping photos.Filters:-the UV filter blocks ultra violet rays.-polarization filter,the colors in the photos with landscapes will be more real and accentuated, the sky will be more blue and the reflections in the water will be reduced.-neutral density filter ''ND'' is indispensable for certain photos such as waterfalls and rocky shores.-gradual neutral density filterto balance the light between sky and ground.

Beautiful exotic sunrise and peoples silhouettes

4.Camera position.This can affect the quality of your photos,the horizon line in your composition must be respected and kept upright,landscapes can also be vertical, not just horizontal.

overfiltered fog in autumn landscape from Herastrau park

5.Photo composition. The composition of the photomakes the difference between a picture and a photo:-The reproduction scale of the subject.-The diagonal lines in the frame.-Geometrical shapes.-The Rule of Gold Cut.-Framing.-The rule of the thirds.

Overfiltered art concept with vintage clock in dark urban landscape

6.The remote control is also a highly recommended accessory. If you capture a particular landscape with the tripod, the movement made at the moment of pressing the button can be transposed into the photo, resulting in motion frames.Movement can be avoided by using this accessory.

overfiltered fog in autumn landscape from Herastrau park

7.Combining all.For a successful landscape, you must take into account all the technical settings. Exposure time, aperture value, ISO sensitivity, color temperature, all must be combined so that you get both a pleasant and a technically correct frame.

Always use the smallest iso of your camera (ISO 50 AND ISO 100)to avoid appearingimage noise,use a diaphragm between f8-f11maybe even higher depending on the lens you have ,exposure times as long as you use nd filtersand do not forget about white balance and just shoot in raw format.

So being said,I wish you success in making the most beautiful landscapes,maximum inspiration and good light.

village autumnal view

Photo credits: Photostock2015.

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