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Welcome to Dreamstime. A strange world where you could earn money for the photos that you take.

You may be asking yourself, "What is a commercial image and how do I get a submitted file approved through Dreamstime?".

Well I am still learning myself. When I first started my profile I thought, I have thousands of photos on my computer. Some of those must be good for this site.

Out of the first hundred photos, only about 25 were accepted. This gave me a rating of around 25% and cut my upload limit from around 1,400 photos a week to around 350.

Most of the denials I got were because of depth of field. In artistic photography, we often narrow the DOF to create drama. Dreamstime seems to prefer photos that are absolutely crisp throughout.

This doesn't mean that you can't have artistic vision, but your photos must tell a story and be valuable for more than one purpose.

Another reason I was denied was because many of my photos contained logos. This is an absolute no-no for commercial photography. For one thing, it could be considered copyright infringement. Many of these photos, however, were picked up as editorial. As long as they have a timeless feel that could be used for a news story or article, or if they are relevant to a breaking news story, they can be used as editorial photos.

Read this guide for more information on what is accepted:

So needless to say, I am much more finicky about the photos I choose to turn in. I am also taking pictures specifically for Dreamstime, setting up props and poses that I feel can be used for commercial purposes.

Also, take the time required to be able to post model photos. Take the model release form directly from this link and post pictures of models. Pictures of people are in short supply around here.

My next goal is to have 50 approved photos so that I can be an Exclusive Dreamstime Photographer.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I will do all I can to help and we will learn together.

Photo credits: Christopher Saint Germain.

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February 28, 2014


Congrats i remember my first sale, it feels like i was a pro all at once.

January 16, 2014


So true. My experiences exactly with depth of field and branding (ughh it's everywhere....) With people, it's easier to pre-plan and have them wear unbranded clothing.

January 14, 2014


Nice of you to say, Msalena. The background started with a piece of cloth we bought at the Korean Market. I then took two layers in photoshop, hit the second layer on the brightest part of the cloth with the black pen tool. This evened out the color of the background. Any other flaws I simply covered over with a black brush.

January 14, 2014


Hey! I liked these "sewing supplies". I also like black background. It's ...mmm... elegant!

January 14, 2014


Thank you both.
Helg... I hope to visit the PI this April. There are some beautiful spots there!

January 13, 2014


Remind me of the mistake I made when 1st join dt.
Keep uploading.....

January 13, 2014


Hi! Nice to meet you:) We are more or less in the same situtaion. Wish you good luck and the first sale to come asap!

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