Tips for Newbies after 100 Accepted Files

I'm relatively new to stock. After sending more than 250 files, I've finally stepped over the 100 accepted files barrier. Considering most of the first ones have not been shot as stock in the first place, this is not such a bad start. My ratio has been increasing steadily and I understand the whole concept better now.

Here are some tips that beginners should find useful:

1. Always upload your best work. Be critical of yourself and filter out those average shots. This will keep your ratio up and allow you to upload more and be higher up in searches.

2. Do not upload too many files from the same series, or files that could easily replace each other from the designers' point of view

3. Tag responsibly and to the point. Leave it to the designer to figure out what the image he's looking for should contain.

4. If you're investing your time and money in post-processing and/or lighting, do it right the first time. Get the most out of your pictures. Pay attention to details such as noise, dust and excessive sharpening. It's a shame to get a good picture rejected because of avoidable technical issues.

5. Lastly, when shooting, think of the possible uses for the image and the feeling that you would prefer the 'finished product' to have. This will alow you to be more creative on the spot and capture a more interesting image than just shooting e.g. from a random angle.

Hope this helps. Please share your experiences.

Photo credits: Radu Sporea.

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Cheers Yash, I'm not doing much in terms of stock ATM but it's quite fun as it is. It's too bad the photographer never knows where the pictures get used. It would be nice to know...


Saw some of your London at Night photos in some magazine/ news article .. do not remember where but it was one of those travel magazines or airport advertisements... good work mate..


Thank you for the tips - I learn a lot from reading other's blogs. I hope to reach 100 someday, but I have a long way to go!


Thanks all. I just thought I'd share some sensible things that seem to work for me.


Well said !
Great images btw :-)


You tips are certainly useful to beginners. And congratulations on reaching 100 online!


Useful article!
I have only 53 pictures in my portfolio, but just in 3 months in DT I have to say that I agree absolutely with you.

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