Tips for an Outdoor Photo-shoot

Ok, so I headed off yesterday with my camera on an outdoor photo shoot and I quickly learnt a thing or two that I thought might come in handy for anyone that is planning an outdoor photo shoot in the near future........

1. Keep a notebook.


Recently this was suggested to me, and I can already see the massive benefit it will be to me. If you are planning to do regular photo-shoots, keep a little notebook / diary in your camera bag. Record the date, weather, camera settings and what your aim is for that photo shoot.

Also you can record place names / model names so that when you come to edit / upload the pics, you remember the name of that stunning mountain you photographed! It will be like a learning diary / journal of all the photo shoots and results etc..!

2. Bring alternative footwear!

Teenage Driver

For that perfect shot, sometimes it is necessary to climb up

Weathered worker boots

high... edge that little bit neared the water.... stand on the bench.... climb the wall .... etc... If you are anything like me, you'll just about stand anywhere, in any stance to get that perfect angle!

I set off in a nice pair of white, summery flip flops... only to have the Heavens open up and it pour rain!

Good job I put in a pair of warm boots!!

3. Bring a Map

If you have never been to this place before, bring a map so as you won't get lost. You can get maps that show you the scenic roads, to optimize your chances of getting that perfect outdoor / landscape shot you are looking for.

4. Bring a cloth

Kitchen Towels

You want to be prepared in case it does rain... so have a little cloth in your camera bag, so that if you camera does get wet, you can dry it off quickly. And bring an umbrella to, so you can shield yourself and more importantly your camera whilst shooting!

5. Most importantly - HAVE FUN!

Despite getting wet, having to trade my flip flops for my wooly boots, getting lost, and being starving because I was in the middle of nowhere with no shops around.. I had a great day and got some great shots!!! Pending approval as I type...!!

Good Luck and Happy Shooting! x

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August 16, 2008

These are nice ideas. Basically keeping prepared and planned helps. And who knows what can happen anywhere. Really smart blog post. Thanks,


June 30, 2008

Good tips.. If a photography area is unknown then keep one tape recorder or palmcorder and record your comments/information/interviews etc. it will help afterwards


June 23, 2008

Don't forget your safety when you shoot in the jungle :) or in crowded area.


June 23, 2008

Great tips! On the notebook idea - I find it useful to grab a photo of the informational brochures, etc. in case you misplace or forget to write something down.


June 15, 2008

Rebecca, I'm completely agree about every item. Espesially like your idea about log book - really we have already been in situations, where it just has to be with you!
Being in a small town Greymouth on South Island (you know, New Zealand's two big islands are named North Island and South Island) I shot a building in the so-called coal park. There were plaque on the building, explaining what it was about, but I've decided I'll find it out later.
What you think? Still searching - two months later!


June 08, 2008

I completely agree on the shoes!!! I always bring a few different pairs with me on shoots now =)


June 07, 2008

Hi Rebecca, Nice new shots and I love the new profile shot. I am assuming that it's a photo of you. If it is, I think you should set up some shots with the a tripod and use the timer to get some shots of yourself. . You are really quite a beautiful girl. You could be your own best model. I am off to NY for a week, to help my daughter who just had a major knee operation. She has 2 little girls who need running after. I'll check how you are doing when I get back. Good luck with the new pix....Peg