The tips of shoot indoor

Although this was my first time to join the photo studio, but I still got involved in the people who are so nice and warm-hearted. That was wonderful. Thanks for the guys who taught me much necessary experience in term of studio photography, the interior light and further understanding for depth of field.

At here, I want to talk some personal experience in term of shot indoor.

In most cases, we have to set enough photo lamp and using Synchronizer when we shot indoor, my setup is M model, aperture is less than the F11, the speed is 125 or so, ISO set to 100, white balance simply set the auto mode (sometimes I have to set white balance to incandescent lamp when only have environmental lighting), so basically we could get the pictures that are clear and sharp with the setting.

Photo credits: Wayne Liu.

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I will try this.


Great blog, I will surely experiment with your manual settings.

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