Tips - Shooting Portraits in the Snow

There is nothing like fresh snow on the ground after a storm for great portraits, but when I first started I found my snow was gray, it wasn't that easy to capture bright white snow and I needed to work more quickly to get my shots due to bad weather. Here are a few things I have found that really help get the best images.

Beautiful woman blowing snow flakes

I shoot in Aperture Priority Mode, it chooses the right shutter speed and allows you to quickly change the depth of field. Sometimes depending on the weather you need to work fast with your camera outside and to keep your model happy and dry so this helps a lot!

Beautiful woman smiling backlit

Getting snow to look white isn't always that easy because of your white balance, the camera gets confused in bright snow with default or automatic settings and turns the snow a dull grey. I've found if I use the cloudy white balance setting it really helps get the snow nice and white or you can manually set your white balance around 6,500 kelvin.

Use your histogram to be sure you are not losing image details in the snow. The histogram will tell you if your highlights are overexposed or blown out. Also, it’s a good idea to shoot in raw so you can make adjustments later when you get home.

Woman in snow smiling

Now take some of these tips and get out there and create some stunning winter portraits!

Photo credits: Nancy Ziller.

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January 24, 2020


Thank you all so much for your kind feed back! Photography is all about the passion Esterkaki, keep on shooting!

January 22, 2020


Nice! Thank you for the tips :)

January 21, 2020


Thanks so much Nancy, this was so helpful to me. Very thoughtful of you to share with us. I'm quite new at photography even though it's been a passion since childhood. 

January 20, 2020


Excellent tips and great writing! Thanks so much for posting this here to help us other Dreamstime photographers! William 

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