Tips for Submitting Successful Stock Photos

Ok, so I'm not THE most successful stock photographer in the world, but here are a few tips i have picked up whilst being involved in this fab world of stock photography!


© Scyza

Spend time before you go on a photoshoot thinking about what you want to convey with your images. Study other images in magazines, online, in adverts etc, not to copy, but to get inspiration. Take into account the colors, angle it was shot from, focus point. Keep a notebook and take notes to remind yourself while you are out shooting.


ALWAYS note the lighting before you start shooting. Even if you are shooting in natural light, make sure it is ideal for what you are shooting. If you have to move your model around, or wait an hour or two for more ideal natural lighting, do! It will be worth it!

Know Your Camera

If you have a DSLR, there is no excuse not to know about your camera settings. You can find so much info online to help you figure out what you are doing. the forums on here are so helpful too. Check your settings while you are shooting. Make sure you are using an appropriate ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance etc. By shooting on manual, you have full control over all the settings on your camera, and with practice, you can create the exact photo you want.

It's a Digital Era!

© Mikdam

I know some keen film photographers don't agree at all with digitally editing photos, but this is a digital era, and photoshop was make to enhance your art work. Use it to do that!! In fact, most of the enhancing you do in photoshop, originated with film photography! If you can capture it perfectly with the camera first time, then fair play to you! But if photoshop will enhance the photo, I would use it!

Be Choosey

it is so easy with digital to be snap happy and take literally 100's of pictures. That is ok, provided you are picky with which ones you upload. Buyers do not want to have to look through 30 images of the same model, in the same outfit just shot from slightly different angle each time. Only upload your BEST images from each shoot.

Set Goals

© Moth

if you are really serious about making some money online with stock photos, be consistent. Set goals to upload so many photos each week / day and stick to it. It will pay off!

I hope this will help some of the new-bees looking for some advice on how to make some spare cash!

Photo credits: Alxpin, Brad Calkins, Mikael Damkier, Joanne Zhe, Stefanie Leuker.

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January 14, 2014


Good point about knowing the lighting before shooting. Most people will start shooting even with poor lighting but thinking about what you want to convey is nearly as important.

May 01, 2010


some good tips for future reference.
I have marked it

February 22, 2010


Thanks for sharing, great tips for everyone.

November 22, 2009


Lots of great advise for us new people, thank you

October 21, 2009


Thank you very much for the useful tips!

October 20, 2009


Thank you very much for sharing the tips.

October 13, 2009


Thanks for the advice. As a new photographer, I am always looking for tips and advice.

October 07, 2009


yet again, a very informative guide - thanks

October 04, 2009


Great article, thanks for sharing this.

October 02, 2009



September 28, 2009


Thanks.Very good.

September 28, 2009


Thank you!

September 27, 2009


very informative guide

September 26, 2009


Thanks for your great tips. very informative guide.

September 26, 2009


Thanks for advice. by the way what do u think about my folio? pl take a look and let me know.

September 25, 2009


Very useful. Thanks.

September 25, 2009


Very useful, thanks a lot.

September 25, 2009


Good advice - and thanks for using my photo!

September 25, 2009


thanks for the advice :)

September 25, 2009


good advice thanks

September 25, 2009


Very useful! Thanks for sharing!

September 25, 2009


Yap! Great tips! Not only for beginners! Thank you!

September 25, 2009


This is great, Rebecca! Thanks!

September 24, 2009


Excellent advice! Thank you!

September 24, 2009


Good advice

September 24, 2009


Hi Rebecca! Thanks for the tips... I still have a big obstacle which is a good CAMERA. I hope next year I will over pass this! As for now the priorities are other things! Cheers ;)

September 24, 2009


Helpful tips, thanks. I strongly agree that one of the most helpful tips is knowing your equipment! Cheers, Marilyn

September 24, 2009


Something for us all to remember not only newbies, we sometimes forget the simple basics, especially as we are in the digital era.

September 24, 2009


Great advice! Thank you for sharing :0)

September 24, 2009


Yes very good advices and will help a lot of photographers,best wishes

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