Here are some tips to reduce image rejections:-

1:- Images cannot visibly show trade names, company names, or product names anywhere. This includes logos, billboards, advertisements, automobile symbols, bike logos, or others. Please clone out or blur out the area prior to submission.

2:- Be aware of the copyright and trademark laws around buildings, monuments, and landmarks. For example, the Empire State Building in New York City is trademarked. Isolated shots of the building for Royalty Free stock are NOT allowed without a property release. However if your image is a cityscape shot, including the Empire State Building is allowed as long it is not the primary subject of the photo. See our Copyright and Trademark resource for more information.

3:- If the image contains boats, cars, planes, or similar, it cannot show identifying marks. For example: the name on front side or back of a boat, the company name on a plane, or the license plate number on a vehicle. Please clone out the area prior to submission.

4:- If the image contains an identifiable person, a model release must be attached. If the image contains a shot of the back of a person's head or in silhouette, a model release is NOT required. The rule of thumb is if you can identify a person in an image, a model release is mandatory.

5:- If the image contains multiple identifiable people, a model release is required for each person. You should stitch together one JPEG image containing all model releases. Our system only allows one model release JPEG image to be attached to each image. Check to ensure the number of model releases match the number of identifiable individuals in the photo.

6:- What about when you visit an art gallery or sculpture garden? ALL art is copyrighted. It is impossible for you to be aware of every copyright term for every sculpture on the planet, because of this, Image Catalog does not accept sculptures, figurines or hand made art objects without a property release from the creator.

7:- Flower images are extremely popular submissions. Anything less than a stunningly amazing photograph will be rejected.

8:- Do not submit images that have borders, text, and slogans applied from image programs. Generally the image should be clean of borders, text, slogans.

9:- If your submit a X-ray, ultra sound or MRI image, a property release is required to sell them for privacy reasons.

10:- Images that are not level or perpendicular, particularly landscape photos will be rejected. 1 - 2 degrees off kilter makes the images look amateurish.

11:- If image contains fruits and vegetable, the subject should look pristine. Over ripe bananas or over aged strawberries make for a poor stock photo.

12:- If the photo contains computers or electronics device, check for grime and dirt. Computer keyboards, calculators, phones, computer mice, keypads, that contain dirt and grime in the crevices will be rejected.

13:- Beware of your image with distracting backgrounds. This may include horizons going through someone's body, lamp posts with the appearance of "growing out of someone's head" or any objects that appear to be a distraction from the image. The less background distractions the better.

14:- Beware of dust spots on your image. We see beautiful landscape pictures ruined with dust spots on the blue sky. Please clone out your dust spots.

15:- Not every image must use the rule of thirds. This being said, it takes a very strong type of image to pull this off. Most images should have the rule of thirds considered.

16:- Keep an eye on High ISO noise or over sharpening noise. High ISO is pretty obvious. It will take an exceptional camera to produce low noise under 200 ISO with dark areas in an image. Over sharpening will appear similar to high iso noise but sharper and grainier.

17:- Beware of lighting and harsh shadows. Image Catalog will not accept images with harsh shadowing or images that appear poorly lit.

18:- Depth of field note. Most images will require a decent depth of field (usually f8 or greater), it takes a particular type of photo to pull off a shallow depth of field on a subject. Most macro type shots should have a decent depth of field to encompass most of the subject. Having an image with a leaf with many points and only a portion of a single point in focus is not acceptable.

19:- On composition and models. Image Catalog looks for expression on a model's face. Too many times we see pictures of people with a blank look or frown on their face with no expression in their eyes, as if they have been coheresed into having their picture taken. Image Catalog would like to see images with expressions of people laughing, eyes engaged, smiles of laughter and joy.

20:- Do not submit many versions of the same image with slightly subtle changes. Ensure your composition has enough variation that a Designer could use. This includes the same image with different color filters. It is always best to submit the non-filtered color version as Designers are capable of altering their own colors.

Hope these tips help all of us to submit more images with less amount of rejections.

Photo credits: Picfest.

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January 20, 2009


yeah, still not available. Sad, as the blog title sounded promising...

January 19, 2009


Hey guys, where is Picfest? When I click on his profile I get only this: "This member's rights are suspended."

January 15, 2009


Thanks Picfest :) I think we all needed someone to remind us :)

January 12, 2009


wonderful article. Thanks for the tips.

January 12, 2009


useful indeed :-)
thanks :-)

January 12, 2009


#5 is incorrect this is the way it was a long time ago but the current model release library system does allow for the attachment of multiple model releases to a single image. Just hold down the CTRL key while selecting multiple releases from your library

January 12, 2009


Very useful tips!

January 12, 2009


These tips come from another microstock site (Image Catalog).

Be aware that Dreamstime might apply other rules, for example concerning the model releases. Even if the image only shows the back of a person, if it's the main subject of the image a model release will be needed. In Dreamstime it is possible to associate more than one model release with a photo.

January 12, 2009


OK... fess up.. Are you a reviewer here at DT? Great tips! Thanks for putting it together.

January 11, 2009


Very helpful reminders, thanks!

January 11, 2009


great tips, i will give a useful click. thanks

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