Title & Description, (very important, read my experience)

Sorry I'm in hurry else would have explained the complete experience I had today, I have just covered some important aspects, following which I guess you can increase sales. Bottom Line, pay more attention to title and description its really brings sales.

Today while searching for travel images, I had some difficulties to choose images. I was searching for images of some tourist attraction in Middle East.

Well there were many images to choose from, but around 70 percent of the good images were rejected as we were not in a position to identify the image by its name. Due to this I had to skip several good images.

Eg: I was searching for images with a key word Jordan, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Most of the images had the title of the country, but we wanted to inform our readers about particular place, which some of the good image didn't have them in Title nor in Description.

One suggestion to all photographers who are uploading Travel related image, please mention the name of that particular place in the title, and in the description highlight the significance of that tourist spot, with a brief history and some valuable information so we can include them in the article with caption, and readers will identity each tourist destination. And most important, easier for the buyer to choose the image.

I really had tough time to choose image and I downloaded around 15 images today which had information about the destination, some very good images didnt make it in my download, I felt sorry for those contributors who had some good images, so please my advice is update your travel images with all details, this might bring some more sales.

Well even I have some travel images which needs some editing to title, description and keywords.

Request to DT Admin, Why the images we download from DT doesn't have EXIF data, title and keywords embedded, Wouldn't it be great for buyer if these data are retained when we download them, it will really make the buyers task much easier when several people are involved in the design process, it will be really handy. This is another reason why some of the downloaded images are never been used by designers

Some examples of travel shot from my portfolio

The image title is Dubai Uptown District, in fact this is Internet City Phase three, this image has 91 views zero download, also I didnt mention the name of the main tower anywhere in title, description nor keyword.

Another image

Title Burj Address, if I had written Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai, may be this image would had at least one download, after 72 views.

Hope all contributors will understand the significance of Title and Description and update their portfolio to get more sales and make buyers life easier.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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December 06, 2009


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December 06, 2009



December 03, 2009


Hi, thanks for a buyer's view. With some pictures, I've shied away from being specific about the location, because I felt a generic view might bring in more sales. I'll reconsider that now. Thanks.

December 01, 2009


Good info, from now on I will do this. I take a lot of travel images but have not done this before.

November 22, 2009


nice info. well, i'll follow these things

November 21, 2009


Great info! i'll pay more attention to title and description and will make a perfect image. Thank you.

November 19, 2009


Thanks to all the contributors for the comments, good to know these tips are useful to many.

November 19, 2009


Thanks for your input, it will help me with my Lebanon "travel" photos!

November 19, 2009


Thanks a lot for the tips!

November 19, 2009


Wow, glad I found this blog article. Nice info. Love the pics as well.

November 19, 2009


Well, I only travel close to home right now but I DO need to add more details on some of my places, just in case...thanks!

November 19, 2009


Thank you for these useful tips.
I've always thought that is very important to clearly tell what there's in the photo, especially if the subject is a very famous place. I also agree with Tangie to pay attention not to insert too many information in the title but to include details in the description.

November 19, 2009


Good remark! I will keep it in mind! ;-)

November 18, 2009


@Wildmac, It doesn't matter from where you upload images, there is buyer for every image. Especially travel related images should have the location and other points which Tangie pointed out.

November 18, 2009


Thanks for the advice.We love to get pointers from buyers

November 18, 2009


Excellent points! I've often wondered if I should name specific places or if that would harm my sales. Being from New Zealand I wasn't sure if people would buy my images if they knew that they didn't come from the US or Europe. A nice autumn shot for example could be from anywhere. On the other hand if they wanted New Zealand shots they wouldn't be named as such. I'll redo my descriptions. Cheers Carol :0)

November 18, 2009


thank you very much for this will def. keep it in mind :)

November 18, 2009


@Tangie, glad got the first comment from you, was always waiting for a comment from Admin,
And thanks for your input, I wasn't aware that longer title has less relevancy. Any thought about embedding EXIF data in future.

November 18, 2009


That is nice of you Altaf. Thanks ;)

November 18, 2009


I agree with adding information about the exact location - city, country etc - especially if you take shots of very famous buildings, landmarks, events etc. However, I would be careful about adding them in the title. A very long title may affect relevancy. I think the description is the perfect place where you can add such details. If you include them also in the keywords, then there should be no problem in searches.

November 18, 2009


Thanks to everybody who have commented.

@Mani, Yeah I agree with you and the blog in which you highlighted the issue. Well Jordan was mentioned just keeping you in mind :-)) Guess what I predicted your comment, and for Jordan I used Petra images and Ruins of Jerash. It was 8 page article highlighting most of the Middle East Countries. Thanks for your help.

November 18, 2009


Hi Altaf, I agree with you! And that is one of the reasons that pushed me to write one of the blogs Name It Rename it... But indeed the touristic photos need more attention!
That day I was searching some photos of Mersin in Turkey & couldn't find any! I'm sure there are some with different names!

If you need any help about places in Jordan just let me know :))

Take Care & Good luck! ;)

November 18, 2009


Great advice again thank you!

November 18, 2009


thanks for the advices.

November 18, 2009


great informations! thanks

November 18, 2009


Thanks for the reminder! I've always felt descriptions and titles are essential for the search here, but its also nice to know that they're useful to buyers!

November 18, 2009


Great blog.

November 18, 2009


One more example, other day I was looking for Brazil Carnival images, I was confused, there were many images, only few suggested it was indeed from Brazil Carnival. Recently in one article about Australia I used one image, later some reader called to inform us the image wasn't from Australia and it belonged to Austria. Well how will I know those images came up while searching with Australia keyword.

November 18, 2009


Melonstone, I agree with your inputs.

Warren, yeah its always advisable to work on the already approved images. And it really helps in sales.

November 18, 2009


Great advice Altaf, I was actually going through my images just before reading this and doing similar thing to give more detail to the images and locations etc...Part of my reason for doing this is sales have dropped drastically this month so was hoping improved keywording and titles etc would revive a dying PF ;0)

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