To apologize and warn

I told my self that when my account will be unblocked I will apologize you here on Dreamstime in this Blog.

I was terrified to find out that my account was blocked. Quick look at my emails and find a reason. I was blocked because I was behavior not well.

Cool 79 is my friend, he joined o DT by my referral and soon he wrote his fist blog article. I read it and check it as useful, but sometimes I did not even read his article and checked at useful. I have to mention that he did the same with my articles.

That’s why my account was blocked, such bad behavior simple was not right to all members that write blogs, because it does not show the really useful ones articles. All those checks was deleted, my account is now unblocked (and I m happy again), and I have to say that I am very sorry to all of you.

I apologize for my behavior and I won't do it again, also I want to worn everybody abut such ideas, it is simple not fair to Dreamstime community. Thank you for give me a chance to improve my self and I will be very grateful if you still will read my articles.

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April 21, 2008


Hi Papuga, in Armenian it means softy!!! Are you Armenian?

I'm glad you're back on and uploading more images! Your photos are fabulous!

Once, I was blocked from a site I was selling a service on, I had emailed the customer, after they called me on the telephone with abusive words. The company didn't want me to reply or engage in the bad behavior.
But the bad part was, I didn't check my email yet, and I didn't know why I was blocked! I cried, I was so worried. When I found out why, I called the company and let them know that I understood what I did wrong, and that I would not do it again.

I have met others who won't admit it, and they will fight to be right. I learned a great lesson from it just like you did!
It feels so much better.
But I'm sure there are others out there who would like to try what you did for fun.
So it's really great that you are warning them in advance!
I'm totally on your side!

April 20, 2008


Hi, glad to see that you have been re-instated. It takes a big person to apologize in public and says a lot of good about you. regards Mandy

April 15, 2008


I'm glad to hear that Dreamstime unblocked your account. We should be allowed to learn, and recover. Nice to have you back, and I too will mark this as a useful blog!

April 14, 2008


Nothing in that kind Don. I thought rather that I have to be honest with my self, as I was saying in first sentence .

March 31, 2008


Papuga, you've been a good contributor and it's obvious that you have learned from your mistakes. Actually, I am marking this as useful because it serves as an excellent warning to others who may not understand that what they are doing is wrong. Good luck with your photos here and know that your apology is accepted (at least by me) :}

March 27, 2008


i see. Thanks. :)

March 26, 2008


You should click 'useful' button on the top when you think that article that you read is the one useful somehow, if it isn't you should not do it. My example is different, I vote for mine and my friend articles and he did the same. If you have doubts about your behavior ask question to support. It is not nice to be suspended.

March 25, 2008


do you mean the 'useful' button on the top of blog? i never click for someone's blog. but i click it for my blog when i wrote the first blog. what will happen? i don't understand it at that time.

March 25, 2008


Thanks a lot. I haven’t got such good opinion about my self.
I was uploading some new images when my account was blocked, first thought that it is some kind of issue then I realized that I was just stupid. I was in big depressed I like Dreamstime and I like you. I learn a lot with DT also with this lesson and I hope that this could be some warning for everybody.

March 25, 2008


I understand why Dreamstime administrators had to take the action that they took. All programs and privileges should be used in the way they are meant to be used for the benefit everyone in the community. However, I would like to say that we have all done things that we have regretted and wish we could change. I respect your integrety to have made your experience public to everyone. We should all have the courage to follow your example to admit our mistakes and learn from them. Thank you for your honesty.

March 25, 2008


Personally, and altough not being aware of the facts or abut the original case, i find your attitude very healthy and correct. Actually, it does make you an honest person. Humbleness is one of the most important virtues in life. I wish you well, and I also hope that you have extracted valuable lessons. The best of luck on your future at Dreamstime. Imagery sales acitvities, or others, are far less important than being confortable with our own ourselves.
All the best!

March 25, 2008


Hi! I've appreciated very much your words... Good job and good luck for the future on DT! Ciao, Rob.

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