To Be Exclusive or Not

As I near the 50 required uploads to be an exclusive photographer on DT, I have been doing a lot of thinking about being exclusive or not. I have looked over the benefits time and time again.

The benefits are great and it also takes tons of time uploading to multiple sites and DT seems to be one of the easiest as far as processes for uploading, titling, keyworkding, etc. I also love the management area setup here. These are all great plusses for a new person who is not only new to stock, but still in the learning phase of photography itself. All in all, I love DT! So, I guess I have my mind pretty much made up.

I have been busy trying to get those 50 done and start the new year with being exclusive. I now have 48 online and a few waiting to be examined, which will probably not get looked at today with the holiday, but it would be wonderful if they did! So close, yet so far away! I still feel very accomplished this year and look forward to what 2014 will hold for me and my photography.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year 2014!

Photo credits: Iheartcountryphoto.

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January 02, 2014


For me being exclusive has work very well, since I don't have the time to upload images at several sites.

December 31, 2013


Hi, Tina! You mean 50 required uploads no downloads, to be an exclusive photographer on DT. Is ok, I understand what you mean. The best choice is to be exclusively with Dreamstime! Well done! So, TO BE!! Happy and healthy New Year 2014 for you, too! Good luck and keep uploading!

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