To be or not to be?

This ever-living Sheakspearian question is in my agenda now.

To be noticed among the vast collection of DT's images or not to be?

I am not even talking about downloads but at least attention (views). I am new to DT but I have noticed that its difficult to be noticed as buyers are lmited with time and dont have patient to browse all images in their search. So the most popular images get all attention and benefits!

Photo credits: Agripina.

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October 23, 2008


Thanks for your advice and visiting my portfolio! I have reviewed all my images regarding the better managing of keywords but even changed it comes slow with viewings. But I stay positive as I realize DT has more artistic approach approving images then other photobanks and I am thinking to become exclusive photographer for DT after I will reach 50 uploads

October 23, 2008


It is mostly based on an algorithm that works with keywords in the search pattern.

Here is an example, I looked through your portfolio of images and you have a very nice image of the tower of Pisa in Italy. If I was to search the following key words "tower of Pisa Italy" your image would not be the first to come up because you have the words Pisa as the title, description and in the keywords but you only have the word Italy in the description and keywords but not in the title. Anyone else who has the words tower, Pisa, and Italy in the title, description, and keywords will come up first when the search button is pressed. Keep that in mind.

Run the search I mentioned above and notice how your image will come up on the first page because it has most of the keywords, however it has only viewed once, by me.

Good luck and keep this in mind when keywording your submissions,

Kind regards,

October 23, 2008


I am glad to receive your respond (Bradcalkins) and hope my investments will pay off in the future!!!

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