To be or not to be... exclusive

I have read some books about stock photography and most of them advise the reader to have his photographs sold by different websites. They say we can earn more money this way but... is that real?

I really don't know about it - I'm new in the microstock business and like thousands of others, I want to earn money too.

So, what I can say about exclusivity is: I WANT TO BE EXCLUSIVE to Dreamstime. Why? Because I'm happier this way. As they say: it's a commitment and I can be exclusive because they believe in me too.

It's a two way road - I work for them and they work for me. Working together they are the only website that represent my pictures and I make more money by unit sold.

I really don't know if I have made the right choice, but I do know this is the choice I want for me.

Photo credits: Ron Lima.

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March 18, 2010


Time and again this topic comes out in blog and forum. Even i was considering this option, I had written a blog on this before. But since than my earnings from other site has doubled. Even some sites where i used to earn in cents, suddenly had on demand sales and additional license sales. Out 5 site I submit two apart from DT has done well. So three sites are doing great for me. So you can never predict anything, good luck, but being exclusive in DT is much better.

March 18, 2010


I would have had a harder decision going exclusive with a large portfolio too - you wouldn't know if your images would sell one at any given agency up front. On the other hand, if you are just starting out it can be an excellent option as you can focus you energy more on developing your portfolio of stock images. What you will inevitably head towards are images that sell well on the particular agency you go with... I'm happy here on DT as an exclusive. To me, the extra exposure, royalties and bonus for uploads meant I got payouts a lot faster being exclusive - and that was more encouragement to keep uploading. In effect, going exclusive was behind me staying focused and developing a large portfolio, which lead to revenue. I have 1,800 photos online because I'm exclusive. Thanks DT! Welcome aboard Ron!

March 18, 2010


Yes, I think also that Dreamstime is a wonderful place, and I will keep it, but... not as exclusive. I already have a lot of illustrations on other sites, and I do much more money there, I don't think that being exclusive here I will make the same money that I do now. Still, is great to be here. Thank you guys.

March 17, 2010


Same here; if you have a huge portfolio, it is probably better to work with different agencies, but in my case I'm better off focusing on one site, I get better results that way.

March 17, 2010


i may be wrong , but from my understanding, for many of those who have been stock contributors , not just microstock as this is a young genre but traditional , even if the attraction for exclusiveness is tempting, it could be a task to just say , "ok, i go exclusive ". this is because you would have to delete all your RF works from the other sites.
and as you mentioned, it is a commitment, and so is the commitment that they have undertaken before microstock,etc.. you feel a kinship with those sites already, way before you joined DT and micro.

but if you're new and you have not contributed to anyone else, most definitely it is a very good idea to go exclusive. and this case, go with Dreamstime, as they are not just one of the top micro sites, they have established themselves to be quite reliable and trustworthy.

another advantage of going exclusive is you no longer have to worry about uploading to 5 other of the top sites, for example. or you don't have to arrange your keywords according to their system. and since you stay with DT, you also know how it works best .

but another thing i like about being with Dreamstime, even though i have not decided on exclusiveness, is that Dreamstime offer something else that as far as i know no other sites in micro offer. ie. exclusive images.
for this, it certainly helps those of us who are not exclusive with DT, or for those of us who are testing the water to see if they want to depend on Dreamstime to sell all of their RF images.

In your particular situation, I would say you made the best choice.
Go for it.

March 17, 2010


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Since I'm a beginner I do only upload photos to DT, but I already thought about the option to offer my photos to other agencies. Nevertheless I agree with you:
DT is a good place and we should keep it!

March 17, 2010


Hi Chefron
I think you made the right choice.I use to sell my photos on 4 different sites.But after a lot of consideration I decided to go exclusive here, a few months ago.I am very glad I did.Welcome to the greatest stock site.

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