To blog or not to blog?

Every time I get notification about new blog entry from DT I wonder if I have enough time to devote to write on yet another site. I post my earning on my own website every month now but it's just my generic diary not devoted to microstock. I participate in MicrostockGroup forum, use Twitter and Facebook. Additional presence on very specialized blog site would not bring anything to the table. I would rather go shooting. I just got my new 5Dmk2 and it seems like a lot of things are different than in my old camera. First thing I noticed was my wide angle lens. I need to watch what focal length is used when I photograph people cause at 17mm some photos looks funny. Also I am experiencing almost unnaturally saturated photos when CPL is used. Some site claim that photos are over manipulated. It looks great on landscapes but for other stuff I might tune it down a little.

Photo credits: Mariusz Jurgielewicz.

Your article must be written in English



Found that thread


Most of the better cameras have filters build in to them that are better turned off because they manipulate the photo before you upload them.I am not a face book or twitter fan these sites seem to be use a lot to manipulate people. I find most of the dreamstime people are good hearted. For some real good camera information check out Keney123 posted at 10/04/2008 and please realize the time he took to help out dreamstimers


It's not professional either, some say pro cameras must have weather sealing :-)


I love your title for your article - Shakespeare seems to be popular for titles of blog articles here lately - see "A rose by any other name would not sell as sweet"


5D mk II ... not an amateur camera !

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