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I've seen several post in the boards about collages and I had a question. Would it be better to make collages of a single subject or have multiple single shots of different angles?

I'm a little confused on this because I'm not sure what designers like more. Also since we're limited to the size of file we are allowed to upload, wouldn't that limit the amount or size of the images in a collage? In this respect a single image at a larger size would be better, right?

If anyone knows please leave a comment. I would be very interested in knowing what designers think because in the end you are my customers and I want to serve you as best I can with my images.

Thanks everyone.

Photo credits: Mark Birks.

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March 02, 2012


I agree if they are themed (like NYC collage), otherwise you just might undermine potential of good (high res) image with cluster of undecided.
As I learned on dreamstime, you want to have image to grow in levels (number of downloads for a single file) and so to earn higher royalties. If you have several almost same images in your portfolio, you just split your earning potential.

February 18, 2012


Looking around on DT I did see most collages that sell level 5 are themed and work together as a whole not individuals. The worst selling were groups that couldn't be used together.

It's like what Wisconsinart said, if it doesn't enhance the image then don't collage it (of course there are exceptions to all rules). Thank you Gmargittai, I agree that the images would be a smaller size and/or res to be able to fit in the collage which is why I had this question.

This was valuable info and I appreciate the feedback.

February 18, 2012


For me, my best selling and most viewed image on Dreamstime is a collage of NYC at level 4.
NYC collage
This same image is also the most viewed on my website.

February 17, 2012


It is a package deal with the collage. Pay for one and get a few others that you may or may not need. The thing is that if you need just one and that particular one is supposed to be high res, then you will not get it. Also if you just need one and it's OK to have it at extra small, you will need to pay for the collage large or extra large to get the particular one you need even at extra-small res.

This is obviously obvious. I have seen some collages selling very well.

February 17, 2012


Simple... you collage when it enhances the product. Otherwise, you don't. Searching for a rule-of-thumb answer will be futile because there is none.

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