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I am a photographer, at least I believe I am, even not so good, I have my own camera 20 years ago, and 15 years ago I have my first SLR camera, just for fun, never publish my foto and let them change to money.

my real job is aircraft driving, yes I'm a airlinese pilot, to be a pilot I think I'm a good one, my duty is a instructure captain, and lot of my student now become airlinese captain, I love my job!

So I have so many time fly over the sky, and to see so many special scenery others hard to see, to shotting it and put foto on the wall let me feel soooo good. but in a aircraft inflight,after very thick glass, it's so hard to get good pictures, I aways hope evaluations for my pics from experts, finaly I got it, TD can give me good evaluation, it's realy help.

Photo credits: Tianshun.


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July 09, 2008


Some of the photos are really beautiful. The clouds, the airports (Sanya)! I'm jealous about your job ;) I'm crazy about aviation, love airports and aircraft. What type rating do you have, is it a secret?

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