To pin-up style through coincidence

My true love in photography- shooting fashion, glamour, beauty. I do work a lot with fashion models, because I’m very familiar with the fashion industry through being a fashion model before and later Makeup Artist. My Makeup Artist profession slowly transformed in photography when I started shooting portraits of the models wearing my make-up. To shoot a good pictures I needed to know more about lighting, basics of the photography, equipment. So I made a photography classes and continued to learn with the books, videos, read forums.

My shooting session last week with one fashion model had to be high fashion, editorial. We wanted to warm up with the first creative look. What I had? A bunch of edgy fabric flowers and tulle color. Makeup Artist applied model doll-looking make-up and we started…I had a look at the first test shoots- my God we have a pinup! Also model discovered that she has a perfect face for this style. So we continued to work in this direction using pin-ups gestics, expressions, involving mirror and poodle toy of my daughter.

Through a coincidence I came to this new for me style and started love this! A couple days ago I produced a new pin-up series with another model, letting her play a housewife at home. But this series is still in retouching and I’ll post them in DT in 7-10 days.

I never feel the woman so feminine and sexy as this style does- good and old Marylin’s pin-up!

Photo credits: Ospictures.

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February 06, 2010


I like so much these images - everything perfect till the smallest detial and the model is simply perfect :-) Good luck with them!

February 05, 2010


Love the colors in these Great shots, wonderful portfolio! Keep up the good work.

February 05, 2010


Thank you all for your support and the nice words!!!

February 05, 2010


Wow! Beautiful stunning images!

February 05, 2010


Beautiful photos and model also!

February 05, 2010


Nice set of images and great PF, congrats and good luck with them.

February 05, 2010


abs beautiful - love them all - great work :)

February 05, 2010


Excellent pics.

February 04, 2010


Simply great!

February 04, 2010


Just WOW!!!!

February 04, 2010


well, as i said the first time i met you through your portfolio,
you are one of my favorite photographers. of course, having been a model and knowing about makeover are assets to your glamour photography work.
there is a difference between just taking a picture of a beautiful girl with an expensive camera, and knowing how to bring life and personality of the model into each photograph.
the first is only a nice picture with a pretty girl. the other is a photograph
that projects character.
you are the second type of photographer.
that's why you are still my favorite... friend and photographer.

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