To rest or not to rest

It is Saturday afternoon I remain at home sweet home to rest after whole week work and am I resting? no of course not.

I get up about eight o’clock and as usual have hot shower, then coffee and I have to admit one cigarette to coffee. I thought what will I do today and fancy to do nothing at all, but my animals where begging to pray to go for a walk so I have to change my plans and went with them. After hour (my dog did not want to come back to me at all I where pretty mad at him) we finally get back home, have to clean dog's paws, gave him fresh water and something to eat (this something looks like brown beans and cost to much), then his eyes where say to me

I love you play with me for a minute (usually it take about another hour), then water my flower, load dish cleaner, clean dog’s hairs (unfortunately it is Spring time starting), gave my bunny food, fresh water, apple and carrot, do some laundry (everything dirtying so quickly), then another walk with my pupils (this time with dog on leash) and finally we back home, have some minute for my one (and write this blog). Wait, it almost diner time have to go now. See you.

Photo credits: Papuga2006, Repasil.

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