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hi everyone,

i wrote a blog that one of my files has been deleted from online files and going back to pending files. wrote to support and they told me , that the picture of " Tractor green and yellow" that they delet :should not have been accepted as RF stock, because The yellow and green is a recognizable brand of John Deere tractors.

this is a good information, i thought that the colors of TRACTORS are just colors :)

now i have just to edit the image to editorial :)

© Didaso

Photo credits: Rachida Essahel.

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December 08, 2013


A good information. I'll pay more attention in creating my illustrations! Thank you!

December 05, 2013


Editorial images sales very well, I have many editorial images.

December 04, 2013


Thanks for sharing, I remember this tractor

December 02, 2013


Thanks for usefull information. I wouldn´t think that.

December 02, 2013


thank you everyone, before i put the image i checked that others similer on page are RF , but it wasnt my case
yes MARTINGRAF: colors of some objecys are logos for some product, i think we have to check Google to be sure that just are colors and deosnt mean a company

December 02, 2013


Once I had uploaded illustration of a guy holding rubics cube and it was uploaded as editorial but later it was even deleted as acceptance of that illustration was mistake

December 02, 2013


I agree and I'm also happy with editorial - but sometimes it really gets difficult to decide - the colour of a tractor makes it editorial? wow!

December 01, 2013


Even if a photo doesn't contain any labels or logos and you uploaded it as RF, it is possible that DT moves it to "editorial" (happened with my photo 35133894). Nevertheless I really don't mind because my most popular photos are editorial.

December 01, 2013


Hi! Don't worry! Editorial images sell as well! Be happy! Good luck!

December 01, 2013


Hello, all my images which contain shapes or colors that recall a brand or a trademark I am sending in the editorial category, in this way you do not have problems!

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