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Today I am approving all images

I've been a Dreamstime editor for more then five years and have never had a day when I could approve every single image I have in review.

So today it's THE day, today I am not the big bad wolf, today I am approving all images.

So, to make this possible, I want to ask every submitter who happens to send images in the pending line today to:

-remove all copyrights

-make sure your lighting and composition are spot on, and don't forget about white balance

-not upload out of focus images

-look at the image at 100% and if it's anything then perfect keep working on it

-get rid of noise but don't make your image look like a bad painting

-make sure your model release is correct

-don't submit images without a clear concept

-submit relevant information for your images

-be creative, be selective and be hard on yourself

If you guys do all that for me I promise, cross my heart, that I will approve all of your images today. Who knows, there might be some editors choices in there too.

Photo credits: Dzmitry Talkachou.

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October 06, 2013


oh, thanks you did it a few months earlier also with my pictures, two months of 100%, so let me know, when I will review my pics again, lol

October 05, 2013


Ha ha... Nice... I like it...

Still? :)

October 05, 2013


Ha ha... Nice... I like it...

June 10, 2011


It's to bad I saw your blog just now.
If I had a chance to know that was coming, than believe me, I would definitely try much harder to fulfill all your demands ;))


April 30, 2011


... just imagine all pics you receive would always be spot on....
you soon would need to choose out of all the perfect ones the more perfect ones and your job would be even harder ;)

April 27, 2011


Oh, such a great! Unfortunately, I read it too late. Could you be so kind to announce such things a little bit in advance next year? Ha-ha-ha!... :-)

April 26, 2011


Hi, interesting post.

April 20, 2011


I wish everyday was April fools day..LOL

April 12, 2011


OH haha Why did I never see this till now. Maybe next April 1.

April 08, 2011


Hee-hee-hee, this made me laugh!! :P

April 08, 2011


Hello everyone...I am new to the sight and have thousands of pics that just sit in my hard drive. I am told over and over again by lots of people I should either sell my pics or leave them in a will to them so they can make some money! I decided to pick just 4 and upload them to this sight...all 4 were rejected. Something about them not being RF/commercial. Fine..but there is only RF, RF commercial,and illustration?news? something like that. So my question is...does that mean all my pics are useless if they were done just as a hobbie with my reg. digital camera? most on auto setting. I never use lighting adjustments. Sadly , I am ignorant to the features it holds. I just point and shoot. Can anyone offer advice? Would be so thankful. Thank you everyone.

April 06, 2011


Double darn, I have nothing in my pending folder... that checks off all of the items above! LOL!

April 05, 2011


Thanks! what a shame I have only 5 uploads left... :-)

April 05, 2011


So .. you were serious, finally? :)

April 03, 2011


Unfortunately I have no images to take advantage of that or even to meet the list! :P
Nice Spring mood Ioana :)

April 03, 2011



...thx for all your reminds... on our pics...!!!

April 03, 2011


Oh yes, right, absolutely, certainly - and a Happy April Fool's Day to one and all!

April 01, 2011


hurray... i'll speed up my images upload! thanks Ioana Grecu.

April 01, 2011


Also You can wish us tons of INSPIRATION - we REALLY NEED them !!!

April 01, 2011


I have learned how not to take rejections personally. There is no sense in getting to emotional when an image is rejected. I try and learn from the experience and take the editors advice, resubmit if possible.

April 01, 2011


And don't remember:"Poor background removal" I have a refusal today because of this reason. Who did this? ;-)
But i'm very happy because it was the only rejection of today, and very surprised by the speed of review: 7 uploaded and reviewed in the same day!
Ciao, Francesco

April 01, 2011


Thank God I've read this.
Now that I was refusing everything... :(

April 01, 2011


Gotta love those editors! ... and bring them goodies when they're hungry... and when they're not.

April 01, 2011


Great :)

April 01, 2011


congrats and keep on nice work

April 01, 2011


And no duplicates ;-)

April 01, 2011


actually not a bad checklist to keep next to our mental upload button .....

April 01, 2011


Bahahahahahahahaha, you made me laugh so hard I have a tummy pain now :P
At least it was a "15 minutes of fame" tomato :)

April 01, 2011


Perfect timing! I recently submitted my isolated tomato series. I would photograph it, turn it 15 degrees, photograph again, etc. Then I cut it into slices and did the same for each slice.

It's our job to give Buyers a choice!

April 01, 2011


I always think I did all of the above.... :(

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