Today is international day of smile

Keep smiling pals....

Don't forget to smiling all the time . Keep shooting and have fun .....

Photo credits: Alexandre Dvihally, Couperfield, Igor Zakowski, Petr MaĊĦek, Roman Potapchik.

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November 12, 2009


I still worry if this happen again too. They don't give any decision of this problem.

November 12, 2009


Hi Jordan!
I just red your topic on DT board:
How did you deal with dreamstime theft ? I think we have the same problem - they just remove over $130 from my earnings account, few days ago. Same explanation "bla bla bla thank your for patience and understanding"
I still worry if this happen again.. and again. Please contact me at :

October 06, 2009


:) A smile for all of you! And link:

October 03, 2009


Actually i hear about day of smile from television

October 03, 2009


Another marketing tactics of card manufactures. Every day these people needs to sell cards, Well I guess even we are benefited as DT is linked with some Online Card vendor, I read sometimes before in some DT blog.

October 02, 2009


GREAT! But it should be everyday! :))
Cheers ;)

October 02, 2009


7456958 Just for you!

October 02, 2009



October 02, 2009


Yep, I just heard it :)) KEEP ON SMILING :)))))))))

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