From tomatoes to people

Photographing, like any activity, needs training. It is easy to train with tomatoes, coffee or, for example, roses. You can take hundreds of shots, you can spend hours studying composition and the best light conditions. And “no one” of your “model” will complain.

But one day you can disclose that the best images are with a human element. A soup lying on a bamboo background is great, and yet it is even better when a beautiful female hand hold it. Many clients will (almost instinctively) prefer this image to the one without human hand. In this moment, you will make the second step to your success – making photos containing a part of human body. I love this kind of photos. Female hands, beautiful eyes, red lips... the human body offer you a lot of beauty and inspiration for photos. On this level, your training starts to be slightly more difficult. You must have a patient person who will understand that photographing requests training. Look around you – some of your friends (even with faces that you wouldn

But one day you can again disclose that it isn

Train, train and train, but when you pass from tomatoes to people, assure yourself that your model will sign you a MR document.

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August 07, 2007


Thanks for comment :-) I wish you a lot of splendid images with your models :-)

August 06, 2007


very nice tips. i just had my longest session with a model, a teenager no less, but he LOVES having his picture taken, is highly creative, and very patient. i have other models waiting whenever life slows a little and i can arrange it. in the meantime i will take your words to heart.

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