Too Long To Wait...

Too Long To Wait ...

I did have hope on DT but not now anymore. Seeing pending files wait for a week, first sale not yet come, too difficult for me to think of key words... I did think of GIVE UP ... but it will not be a good memory that I give up in a week. Well...then I'll wait for a week longer and see.



Photo credits: Ting890.
  • Ting890
Please contact me, if you can, and tell me about how you are going to use the photo:) Thank you!

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And as @Creativei said: if You submit single photo a day or two You'll create own queue of photos waiting, and then You just watch them jumping at Your portfolio, day by day so that is one of many tricks to not find it boring and worthless.;)


You mean u bought my photo ?


Stock is for patience ones only, you must wait for success it's not come easily...


Helloo Lui Chun Ting, good you planned to stay. look sales will come be patience, you need to upload many more images, review takes atleast 7 days, if you upload everyday two pictures then after the seventh day every day you will have images online. when your portfolio grows then for sure you will have sales.

Anyways here comes your first sale, Happy, many will come, upload, take part in blogs, forums, this is the best marketing strategy, people will see your portfolio and you will get more sales. Oh I think its a big lecture anyways congrats on you first sale.


OK. So, you've already made your decision! Go on and work for it! Step by step you're gonna make it! Upload everyday and have fun!


Thanks a lot !! I will not join other sites 'cause my goal is to be a photographer who work only with .


There MUST be a patience and hard work, join 3 other sites, more work - less to think about quiting, just give it a chance and MORE time. Then You can say was it worth or not. I am fresh here too and probably there's more then just two of us, also probably someones here earns something ;) And it's not all about cash, You can have more of it if You just have the time and as i said - patience.
Greetings :)


*** Creativei, can you help? You know how!


Hey, don't give up!
Wait a bit and results will follow!
You have nothing to lose! And your photos look nice so far!