too many keywords?

Sometimes, with very satisfing results from shooting and postprocessing, my expectations are high when uploading a photo. The pending time seems to pass twice as slow and then some days before it really is showing on portfolio and in the searches. But finally, this very very cute pic, wich I personally like very much (but taste may differ ;o), was approved and online, ready to receive all these downloads I already was dreaming about.

For this particulair pic, I spent some extra time finding lots of usefull keywords, and after a while, I reached the limit of 80. Well, this pic was worth it and really going to do well, or so I thought...

But... no sales in the first week, and not too many views either... so what's wrong here? I did not understand...

Then I decided to search for it myself on DT. With a very saturated subject, I gave up somewhere around page 20, I could not find it. Even when I searched the exact title, it showed almost last. What's happening??

Finally it hit me. Because of all those 80 keywords with my pic, even the most relevant keywords will put so little weight in the search, that my pic would always be shown somewhere in the closing regions, never to be found by anyone...

So... after removing about half of the keywords, I really hope it will start to do better. And off course, showing it here in this blog should help a little, too. For you have to agree, that this little one (sorry to say she's not mine) is way too cute to be burried somewhere in the archives of DT, right? ;o)

Photo credits: Martine De Graaf.

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January 16, 2009


Thanks to all! Now, I begin to understand. Sometimes, I find difficult in the language for my works and for the keywords! Interesting are your comments. Thanks that there are to help me! Good day to all!

November 30, 2008


She's very sweet! Hope will work good for you!

November 30, 2008


Wonderful image of such an adorable child. I ran a search for Baby Angel and your image came up on the first page, third row down. So, I think what ever you did, it worked, she is right there for all the world to see. Good luck with sales.

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